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April 12: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

Whether at work or in case of personal life, we all want to become better leaders, but what does it take to reach there? What made great leaders to overcome those hardships and those challenging situations? Here are lessons from some of the greatest leaders from our history and you are sure to learn what characteristics made them great.

1. “Remember, every time you face a struggle, it is only making you a stronger person and not weaker.”

Power Lessons from History
We tend to realize the value of something only when we’ve probably lost it. We understand sadness only when we know what happiness is. You can see light and appreciate its essence only if you’ve witnessed darkness. If you want to relish the utmost blessings and gifts that life showers upon you, then going through the difficulties, hurdles and struggles is never an option. It becomes a compulsion for you to be able to grow higher. It is only when you overcome those struggles that you become stronger.  

Jan Tinbergen would’ve never cherished the good things and sweetness in his life if he hadn’t tasted bitter part of his life. Life first tests you, shows your capabilities to the world and then awards happiness and joy as a result of the hardships you face and overcome. This helps you complete the full-fledged meal of life. The Dutch economist won the first Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel for developing and applying dynamic models for economic processes. He deeply rooted his ideas and desires to learn and attain flexibility in the domain of his field and hence, he incorporated a way that would tag him the label, achiever. He served as a pioneering change and sign of improvement in economics.

2. “Appreciate the little things you have in life. It is when you respect what you already have, that you shall deserve and earn your desires.”

Power Lessons from History
Smile more, stay excited and wait for the next minute of your life without expecting but visualizing. Dreaming what you want is the first step of the process which you take to win your life. You can cherish the beautiful memories which you add to the heritage of experience only when they really are beautiful; if not, make them beautiful. Value everything that happens in life. Celebrate the goodness and learn from the bitterness. Consciously figure out how everything in life can turn into an opportunity that aids your victory. When you want something, ensure you put your heart and soul to make it happen. After all, you’ve just got one life, so why compromise?

William Martin Conway, 1st Baron Conway of Allington engineered the quality of his life and maintained it till the very end. He consistently framed his journey and stabilized his aspiration to reach the destination. His critical analysis of keeping himself active, happy and optimistic founded his success. The English art critic, cartographer and mountaineer is remembered for his winning attitude. The politician was a member and president of the Alpine Club; exploration and mountaineering was his chief interest which made him reach top positions in them. The writer also gave rise to some of the prolific write-ups.

3. “Transform ‘NO-WHERE’ to ‘NOW-HERE’. There is always something in everything although it feels like nothing.”

Power Lessons from History
Life has lots of plans for us. See what ‘today’ gifts you and not what yesterday has taken away from you. Living in the past will take you nowhere. And if you still continue to think about the past, then your future gets ruined. Always remember that you are the sole decision maker of your tomorrows. The fate of your journey to your destiny completely lies in your hands. Have you ever thought why there is a sun rise after a dusky sunset? The sun serves as a torch for you to search for what makes your future better by living your present successfully.  

Nikolay Mikhaylovich Pkrzhevalsky  framed his future by tenderly modeling it and giving it a shape which carved his success. The Russian geographer and a renowned explorer of Central and East Asia nurtured his way and cultured it to multiply positivism. He understood the fact that past can never return. But, he knew that history repeats when it is recreated. He studied what was missing in his past and projected methods which would drive him along the verge of achievements. He added all the ingredients and transformed his future in the way how he wanted it to be. Being the first European to contribute divergently to the European knowledge, he was called Przewalski's horse.

4. “Right things happen at right times. Waiting with patience is the key.”

Power Lessons from History
Sometimes, you crave for something and you still don’t get it even after you’ve worked for it from long time. Not having what you really want in life doesn’t mean that you will not get it. This is because life has planned something else for you, something better than your plan. You will surely get what you desire but you got to wait for it, crave for it and strive for it. Patience is a weapon that safeguards your mental status and abilities from the external negatively provoking situations. However, don’t forget that it is this super natural power that leads you, controls you, knows what’s best for you and knows the best time for you to shine.

Dally Messenger applied the meaning of patience in his life to live a very systematic life. He mostly insisted in keeping himself free from desires, expectations and prediction to receive life as it comes to him and face it spontaneously. He was one of Australasia's first professional rugby footballers who were tagged the greatest-ever players in either code. He represented his country in two rugby union tests and seven rugby league tests. He prepared himself in all the ways to achieve what he wanted. He accordingly molded his personality physically, psychologically and mentally to reap success. His skilled thought process, raised place kicking to a new level.

5. “Time, opportunities and resources are always there. You only got to discover it with faith and perseverance.”

Power Lessons from History
If true and deep aspiration to win dwells in the minds and hearts of all of you, then stop spending your life in grieving and complaining; instead, start investing the same time in recognizing and stimulating everything that seems like a way which cradles your growth. Make it a habit to remind yourself about the purpose you got to serve. Welling in the inspiration, Germinal Pierre Dandelin  paved a path which directed him towards success. However, the life time ambition and long lasting desire to deserve your place in the list of achievers must be given complete importance to grow to the heights you wish. The amazing world looks so, only when your perceptions are amazing; that’s what makes the difference between a positive and a negative approach.

The brave soldier never gave up even after being wounded when he fought under Napoleon. He bounced back, forgetting all the discomforts and hindrances, just to prove to the world that he was born to achieve. The mathematician engaged himself into working hard to build his status and earn overwhelming respect in the society. The professor of engineering further grew up to become a professor of mining engineering. Adding life to Dandelin spheres of Dandelin's theorem in geometry, he became the reason for his methodology to be widely used worldwide. Remember, it is never too late to start! We wish that you shall start NOR after having read and understood the path to success, from some of the most important assets from our history. Just know that life starts at the end of your comfort zone.


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