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April 14: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

What is the first question that scrolls in your mind when you are spending time with yourself? If it is about how to turn your signature into autograph, how to achieve your dreams, how to win, then this write-up is going to act like a full-fledge answer to all your queries. Have a glance to feed in solutions.

1. “One mistake can stop a development from taking form in your life and one improvement with consciousness may found an opportunity for you to grow.”

Your perseverance and perfection is always kept track of and they are your saviors which help you sustain the position you currently have. They also guide you forward to reach great heights in whatever you do. A complete assessment of your work makes room for correcting errors. The attitude of acceptance in you facilitates the growth in quality, and hence, allows success to incarnate in your life automatically. Keeping up the trust and sincerely fulfilling the responsibilities would further help you unlock your locked map of the path that leads you to your destination.

How you handle the responsibility and how you reach the targets in the given deadlines and how you maintain the standard, indicates your position and promotion in life. Always remember that, whatever your achievement might be, one small mistake can take away all of what you’ve earned. Peter Behrens founded modern objective industrial architecture and modern industrial design. He gave life to the terms, improvisation and modernization.

He became the reason for sanctioning a wave of growth and change in is respected field of interest. Investing threads of passion and creativity, he turned his achievements and contribution into identities which described him. One of the founding members of Munich Secession constructed his own house, which became the turning point in his life; he focused on a different and incarnating style of design.

2. “Every good work is rewarded! You got to wait until you deserve.”

Even the smallest of the smallest things what you do counts, matter and are considered. They are noted down in the book of your milestones and are constantly evaluated by nature, which assigns you your rank and also hands over what everything that you deserve. Doers don’t really crave for awards and rewards. This is because they are wise enough to understand the fact that, you will be definitely paid for what you do. If you do something productive, then you will get something which gives a constructive move towards your destiny. The deciding factors are all in your mind and not out. The reality knows better, plans better and gifts better to all those who work better.

Remembering and following the same, Thomas Crombie Schelling won the Nobel Prize for becoming a reason for us to understand the of conflict and cooperation in a better way through game-theory analysis. He was very clear about what he had to do and hence, he started working for several federal agencies and took a leap in his career by writing two highly influential books.

An American economist and professor of foreign policy, national security, nuclear strategy, and arms control at the School of Public Policy contributed enormously to the field which was devoted to. Using his creativity and sense of knowledge and giving importance to whatever was had he utilized his potential to the fullest and succeeded in his life.

3. “If you don’t come across situations which transforms your life, then create one to found your progress.”

Who doesn’t have problems? Everyone does. How you handle and face brings in all the difference and makes you an achiever. You don’t have to apply your strength for the sake of showing it to the world. Do it because you want to create an atmosphere which enables not just your success but also millions of others’. All the negative energy and forces that held Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar  way from achieving what we wanted to were battled by his wisdom, using a weapon of positivism. Establishing bliss onto this land may be expensive but the impact which it creates would be cherished throughout. 

Known as Baba Saheb, he was an Indian jurist, economist, politician and social reformer who inspired the Dalit Buddhist Movement and opposed social discrimination. He put forth efforts to eradicate the concept of untouchables. He supported rights of women and labor and became the first Independent India's law minister. Becoming the principal architect of the Constitution of India, the prolific mind stood as the definition for the fact, overcoming challenges shall lead you to success.

Being born in backward class, he but emerged as a standard quality for all of us to follow in order to reach the peak of success. Ambedkar was the victim of caste discrimination, inequality and prejudice. But by facing all of this, he created history by becoming the first untouchable to enter university.

4. “Even if the entire world says it’s impossible, remember, you always have the potential to prove with your actions, that it’s wrong.”

What is impossible? If the universe had really thought that a particular thing or an event cannot form or happen, then how developments cannot arise. Your constant ability of nurturing your ideas and creativity and sincere attempts to designate newness into the world shall eliminate the term, impossible or reconfigure it to ‘possible.’ Even after all the courage, capacity and determination to work on what you want to achieve, there is a tinge of fear, anxiety and attitude of lack of confidence at some nook and corner of your heart. This can be essentially overcome only when your concentration congregates on matters which found your growth.  

Vere Gordon Childe thought why is it impossible rather than concluding that it is impossible. He analyzed the ways of creating a solution for eliminating the causes which made it impossible. The Australian archaeologist and philologist mastered the study of European prehistory. Developing a close relation with academics, he reproduced his knowledge into authoring twenty-six books and was an early proponent of culture-historical archaeology and Marxist archaeology.

He inclined towards socialist movement and dedicated a part of his breathe to help people and evolve his self continually to found his growth. Perceiving life in terms of tackling the unfavorable stuff and uniting supporting elements to experience the feel of an achiever, he programmed his life to justify his role in revolutionary, technological and economic developments in human society, namely, the Neolithic Revolution and the Urban Revolution. 

5. “Be more than ready to accept and get along with the ‘next chapter’ of your life.”

Don’t overlook for things in life but do prepare yourself to face what is ahead in your life. You’re at most concentration, dedication, determination and logical thought process must be given more concentration as it adds more weight age to your ways of achieving. When the whole world just waited for the next, Augustus Henry Lane-Fox Pitt Rivers  framed the ‘next’ of his life. He stabilized his strength not just to fight against negatives but also to feel the quality of ‘staying prepared.’ It is certainly not about when you start, but it is all about do you start or not. The early interest, passion and knowledge must multiply with age and time to inculcate your era which features what your destination is. 

The army officer, ethnologist and archaeologist, gained name and fame for innovations in archaeological methodology, and in the museum display of archaeological and ethnological collections. His international collection of about 22,000 objects became the reason for him to found the Pitt Rivers Museum at the University of Oxford. The great soldier and archaeologist stood as a reservoir of influence and inspiration in the development of modern archaeology. His keen interest in public education, enabled him to research was publish the four-volume of 'Excavations in Cranborne Chase’.

Let the lessons mentioned in this write-up become a reason for you to roar success. Use the resources, aids and opportunities to develop what you want to in life. It is your life! So obviously, you got to form it, frame it, mold it, shape it and take it forward. Let us walk towards success by implementing all that we’ve gained from this read. (Sources:,,,,

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