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April 3: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

Success isn't just about what you accomplish, but what you inspire others to do. There are people of great successes who are and will be an inspiration to the world for centuries together. Here we bring to you lessons from the experience of such great leaders born this day! Use this read as a good start for a great day!

1. “Your passion becomes your identity when the spark of your interest is ignited by your determination.”

We feel good when what we love embraces our lives completely and further becomes our code of identification. We are ready to work towards making our dream in order to succeed. But do we really know how to sustain and survive this journey of hard work? It is the determination and courage which act as pillars, helping us not pause during tough situations. Passion could be anything that you sincerely love, crave for and stand by all through your life despite all the unfavorable circumstances. However, it is something which adds unparalleled craziness to every step you take. George Herbert is one such personage for whom passion was everything and it continued to define him even after his death. Poet, orator and Anglican priest, he was recognized as "one of the foremost British devotional lyricists.”

After losing his dad at the age of 3, he decided to use the strong willpower with which he was blessed with, to frame his life in the way which would raise him and brighten his future. The orating nature sprouted within him during his school days and finally this marked the beginning of the development of his skill of penning down verses. He further diverged into sacred matters in the Church of England and spent the rest of his life as a rector of the little parish of St Andrews Church. He was remembered for his unconditional care and concern for his parishioners, aiding then and serving them by providing food and clothing for those who were in need.

2. “Ensure you create a style of your own which helps you remain alive forever in the minds and hearts of people.”

Tomáš Ba?a stands as the definition of the statement, ‘innovation skins the entrepreneur.’ The wise business man critically analyzed and redefined the existing idea by renovating it. He became the reason to set the trends of footwear, sparkle globally. The successful attempts which he put forth made the entire world to still actively rely on Bata, one of the most competing shoemaking companies till date.

What took him taste the fruit of success? The entrance fee to enter the path of success is your creative imagination. He gifted the world of business with the magical mantra of a unique pricing system; he would set the prices in a way that attracted customers, bringing him more profit. (For example, stating ‘999’ as the price, instead of ‘1000’)

Starting at the age of 14, he was engaged in making shoemaking machines. This further induced a sense of motivation within him to start a company of his own.  He cleverly invested the present need of his time as a stimulant to grow and win. His professional growth was characterized mainly by the methodology he used for thinking. He incorporated his essential calibre and ensured it never faded throughout his journey. This became the reason for his company to successfully survive and sustain even in today’s drastically changing modern world.

3. “It is your responsibility to not let your interest diminish while you walk the path towards success.”

We all tend lose track at times. But we got to energize ourselves by revitalizing our actions and also by holding onto what we greatly desire to achieve. Try and analyze your strengths which could become a weapon to transform your worries into boons. Every time you think of quitting, ask yourself why you started. Your ‘why’s will help you solve almost every problem you face.. Remember, whenever you feel low or tired, think about the necessities you got to fulfill, think about lives which depend on you, think about the unachieved goals which you always dream of achieving and think about the people who underestimated you. 

Henry Robinson Luce fueled his negative thoughts and the feelings which held him back by the very strong urge and desire to remain successful all throughout his life. Known as the most influential private citizen in the America of his day, he gave a change driving definition to the era of journalism and publications. He cofounded Time, a newsweekly magazine with an innovative format. Not stopping there, he went on to launch FortuneLife and Sports Illustrated, which succeeded and greatly shaped the U.S. publishing landscape. His innovation and creativity powered his every attempt for carving his victory.

4. “Explore every way possible always helps found a change.”

We want the change to happen but how will it happen if it is not devised in the right wayy? Every time we feel something has to be changed, allow yourself be the reason for it to happen. The ideas and ideologies which you frame in your mind must touch the reality for witnessing what you want to. Grab the power of creativity which we are all blessed with and draw the complete utility from it; this helps you not just win but also formulate a dose of inspiration for the future generation to look up to.

Pierre-Fidèle Brektonneau was a respected French medical doctor who stood as the definition to exploration and became the first individual to explore new ideas of medicine and science relating to bacteria and disease. Though born in a middle-class family of healers and medical practitioners, he was very rich in terms of his craving to learn more. This astonishing quality further helped growth to land on his life. Having not learnt to read and write until the age of 9, he left home to study medicine and scored reputation of being the most inspiring doctor of the world; he is also called as a pioneer of modern medicine. His strong willpower to learn led him to discover typhoid fever named diphtheria.

5. “The universe aligns and directs you to your destiny if you have the dedication and commitment to continue in spite of the largest of hurdles.”

Sometimes, we come across situations where we don’t gain victory in what we undertake. This means, our destiny is something else and we got to discover it. We have all the potential to carve our lives in the way we want to. What if you don’t succeed in what you are involved in? You can surely explore all options and compete with yourself to reach the height you want to. The ultimate aim of each one of us has to be something that takes us forward to achieve. Like the story of John Burroughs, we too may take a lot of different turns in our journey but reach our destination for sure.

The American naturalist and nature essayist was active in the U.S. conservation movement. Burroughs' special identity was more to record his unique perceptions of the natural world. He left school at 17 and went onto become a teacher. It was during this time that he discovered his line of passion and got his first break as a writer. He eventually worked on his passion and focused on his writings on nature and the beauty of it.

All the lessons above would definitely serve a great purpose if implemented efficiently and immediately. The achievements you bag designate your personality. We wish that you shall implement these learned lessons to cross every barrier and achieve heights! (Sources:,,,,,

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