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Guide on How to Share Your Travel Experiences

Sharing travel experiences can bring a whole deal of benefits and can get really rewarding. To do it right is an art and you might want a few tips on that. Here's a quick list of things you need to know. Read ON!
Travel Experiences

Are you actively travelling and exploring different places around the world? If you are, you should not waste the chance to share your travel stories with others. You can share your travel experience and give tips that will help others who are also interested in visiting the same places. There are a few ways you can share your travel experiences online.

Start a Travel Blog

If you regularly go on itineraries, you can start a travel blog to document about your journeys. You can conveniently post an entry when you get to connect to the internet on your trip. You will be able to give your blog a lot of unique content since you have actually been in the place and can share a real experience with others. You can easily get followers who are interested in travel and look forward to hearing your tale.

Comment on Other Travel Blogs

You can also post a comment about your trip if you come across an interesting post on a similar destination on a travel blog. You must add value by including some useful information not in the original blog post if you want it to get approved. In the comment box, you can put a link to your travel blog so that people can read the full story.

Share Your Experience through a Road Trip Planner

If you don't want to buy a domain, you can sign up for a free road trip planner service like Furkot, MapQuest and Travelers Point to share your travel itineraries. Road trip planner usually has a free mapping tool that allows you to map all your stops. You can give each trip a name, add background music, the time you arrive at the destinations, and add notes and photos to the trips.

Share Travel Photos on Trover

Trover is a site that let you share photos of the places you have visited. There is an option to add a description to describe your opinion about the place. People can also comment on the travel photo you posted.

Review Attractions on a Travel Booking Platform

You can also share your travel experience through the travel and tour booking sites where you've booked your trip. For example, in Tripadvisor, you can search for an attraction you have visited and added your comment. You can also add a traveller rating to the venue.

Tweet about Your Trips

Twitter can be used to share anything you want to say including your travel experience. It is free and you can register for a Twitter account in just 1 minute. Every time, you have something to share, just write a line on Tweet. You can tweet as frequently as you want with no limitation. You can also include a photo or short video clip in the Tweet.

Use Instagram to Share Your Travel Photos

Instagram is another place where you can post photos of your trips to share with other people. You should regularly update your Instagram account with new photos instead of keep bringing up the old photos. Many social media also allow users to organize the photos into photo albums on their accounts. This prevents you from having to waste money on buying new photo albums to store your photos.

Travel Experiences

Share a Video of Your Trip

You can take a video camera or your smartphone to film the scene at the attraction place. In the video, you can interview the locals or feature yourself introducing about the venue. After that, you can upload your video to share it on YouTube.

Compile a Travel Slideshow

You can compile your travel photos into a slideshow for sharing with friends and family members at video sharing platforms. You just need a basic photo slideshow maker to create the slideshow. In Movavi Video Editor, you can easily load a folder of images into the software by dragging it into a place where you see the + symbol on the timeline. When the photos are opened, you can drag them around to rearrange them. You can set how long an image will display by going to properties to set the duration. You can add plain or animated titles in the title tab. If you want to put callouts on the photo, you can go to the calls out tab and drag a callout style onto the clip. You can also add soothing music by dragging the background soundtrack files to the track for audio files on the timeline.

Reach Out to Your Friends/Family Member about Your Recent Trips
The easiest way to share your trip is to tell your friends about it through word of mouth. Whenever you meet them or in an outing, you can talk about your latest trips and tell them about what happened in the journey. If you have grandchildren, you can also tell your travel stories to create bonding moments with them.

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