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Hired Help PA

Hired Help PA is a telephone answering & lead management service. We ensure that a business gets every call answered so that they never lose a sale, never get a frustrated customer and never create a bad image for their business.

Existing services work out of large noisy call centres, with operators often working in cramped, over-crowded rows, like battery hens.

So we decided to be a little different.

Using our expertise in cloud-based and VoIP technologies we designed a system that could be used remotely anywhere in the world. All of our agents are based in their own homes meaning that they are much more motivated, in a better environment and making our overheads lower to deliver an unbeatable value for money.

We evaluate our agents to ensure they are mature, have very strong empathy and they are allowed to work times to suit themselves. This results in a much higher quality of interaction between callers and our agents. This arrangement creates a better outcome for our clients, be it a happier caller or more detailed information our client can benefit from.
hired help pa,telephone answering and lead management service

What is your average sale? £100, £500, £1,000, even £10,000?

Imagine if you lost a call and that went to your competitor.

If you miss a call, 79% of the time that lead is lost.

So the question is how much is an answered call worth to you?

Our Services:

Message Taking - Our Pay As You Go Message Taking Service is perfect for those who know that another member of staff won't be available if they don't get to the phone. Sole traders, professionals and trades people are all suited to this package because it gives them the flexibility to top up when they want. Their messages get delivered through email, SMS and/or our online portal.

Call Transfers - Our Call Monthly packages include call transfers as well as message taking. This allows us to become a virtual receptionist for a business and transfer incoming calls to the appropriate team members or take a message if they are unavailable.
Restaurant And Event Booking - We can take bookings for restaurants and events based companies. Our custom built system allows bookings to be done live by both the restaurant and ourselves. This ensures that bookings can be taken out of restaurant opening times.

Lead Management - We can find leads for you or manage the leads you have, coping with peaks from trade shows or staff absence. This enables our clients to focus on what they do best - "sticking to the knitting" - while we do the leg work finding the hot prospects.

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