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Attributes of Leadership

I call Leadership an ART because the way of leading varies from leader to leader and from situation to situation. We cannot train straight Jacket Leadership and bring out stereotype Leaders. On the other hand, Management is a science. Management can be broken down into finer elements and each element then can be mastered to become a good manager.

I Quote:- In the science of Management we have lost the ART of Leadership. Many Entrepreneurs are only managing their businesses, very few are leading them. So, let us pause to reflect and look into the Leadership in Management. Let us understand the art of becoming Great Leaders.

Over here let me deviate from the Traditional Leader who has one or all of the following characteristics. Traditional Leaders are Task Masters, Strategists, Goal Setters, Logical, Aggressive, number crunchers etc; these characteristics were suitable for a particular Industry at a particular time.
The 21st Centaury calls for only one characteristic viz; Emotional. Today, the Leader has to be high with the Emotional Quotient. A Leader, today, should be able to release Energy Packet which creates vibrations to which people react by latching on and getting in sync with the leaders thought process. The Leader and his people should appear like ONE. Foremost the Great Leader should be able to create and establish an Emotional climate within the organization. People should be able to look for Assurance and Clarity of Purpose. They should be able relate their issue with him and he should be understanding and compassionate. Secondly, a great Leader should be able to push People's emotions toward Enthusiasm.

The Seven Attributes of a Great Leader:-

1) To Cultivate The Principle of Deep Democracy

Great Leader should give a listening ear to every person in his Team. However insignificant can be the position of the individual giving a suggestion, the Great Leader should note it down. Then in solitude he should listen to his own inner voice. Then, after establishing this dialogue he should take a decision. In this way he will be able to facilitate change, resolve conflict, and manage challenges easily and effectively.

2) Great Leaders should be Performance Developers

They should look at their Team as Human capital which will appreciate over time with proper processes of Development in place. In this way they can contribute to creating a Learning Organisation.

3) Great Leaders should Don the Role of Mentors.

As Leaders they should share their knowledge and experience with their team. They should make their team members feel their vision.

4) Great Leaders should be in a state of Continuous Learning

This is crucial for good Leadership because only when you learn and practice will you be able to preach. Focus should not be on what you can control, focus should be on excellence.

5) Believe in Your Self . . . Always.

Where belief ends dreams begin. Your Dreams are closely associated with your beliefs. Your positive belief will align all the forces in the Universe to fulfill your dreams.

6) Always Be in the Present.

I can, I will, I am. This way the Great Leader should speak with himself and dwell in the present with his focus on his goal.
7) Develop the success Habbit.
  • Write down your immediate Goal.
  • Recite Your Goal.
  • Visualize your Goal.
  • Emotionalize with your Goal.
  • Meditate on your Goal.

Abra - Ka - Dabra - You will Succeed.

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Dr. Nitin Parab
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