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The face behind the Project 'WE': Ms.Manvi Kansal

Everybody dreams, a lot of people remember their dreams, a few of them envision to make them a reality, a handful of them, ACT to bring their dreams to reality. We bring to you a story of a young lady who belongs to the last category on that list, Ms. Manvi Kansal!
‘‘I don’t choose to  be the NEXT, I choose to CREATE the  NEXT!’’ says an 18 year old Hyderabadi undergraduate (1st Year) student of Bhavans Vivekananda College; Ms.Manvi Kansal.

She knew what she wanted to do with life when life had thrown her down, hurting her hard. She had understood that she needed to approach all problems practically & having the right genes is just not enough. The genes need to be expressed by providing them the right  environment of dripping enthusiasm and energy. 

Her mantra is- Experiment, Explore & Experience.
Project WE
She wants to be branded as the ‘Youngest Inspirational Entrepreneur’.   Standing proud as a lucky daughter, a supportive sister, an understanding  friend and an excellent student- both in academics and of life, an enthusiast of sports and other activities, is Manvi  Kansal, the Founder & Director of a  singlehandedly started organization-  ‘‘The Project WE’’. Sharing about her interests in public speaking, understanding human physcology, traveling & food, which are entrenched at  the top of the list, she talks about  how she managed to bring about her  THOUGHTS into ACTION through her organization. The Project WE- a social awareness program  pioneered by the 18 year old, deals with a simple concept of boycotting ‘Ignorance’ from the minds of the society  today.

The little seed of thought which has emerged as a healthy plant today, bears a terrible story attached to it- the story of her best friend, who was physically and emotionally abused by the friend's own blood related brother. When no action was taken even after she informed her parents about it, she chose to end her  life without giving the slightest hint of what was running on her mind.

‘WE’ started with a vision to drop crime rates, and accepts a nearly impossible challenge of working on the mindsets of humans which tend to get invisible red horns behind their heads.

Starting with the #GetOnToTheRoads Campaign dealing  with ‘Ignition – A solution to prevent Pollution’, she and her team of  8  (students) initially managed to bring  about a positive impact on 30,000+  people on the roads of Hyderabad. She has also worked on distributing masks  and educating the unaware people on the causes and precautions of Swine-Flu  (disease). She has held short seminars  (Schools & Orphanages) for the kids to spread awareness about the 71 career  options they have, apart  from  the cultural ones. The students were inspired to  work in the fields of entrepreurnship (mostly social entrepreurnship). Her hands on experience in delivering seminars, taking speeches, handling event organizing etc has taught her the importance of knowledge and has generated that crave for experience. The journey from a vague idea to a clear  mission helped her develop the practical  side of her personality. She believes in  the concept of inviting problems in life,  treating them as guests and then showing them the door  which has a bolded ‘EXIT’ on it.  She says that she loves facing difficulties just because difficulties teach her to stand strong  & stubborn on making things work the way she wants them to be. Talking about the future of her organization, she looks forward to turn it into a company with inspirational personalities finding  their way to glory. The young  lady says that she can see her dreams shaping up before her eyes. These set of  ‘future  events’ (referred to as dreams), do not let her sleep and they give her  that driving force to work smarter and harder, to bring those dreams to reality.

Project WEProject WEProject WEProject WE

Click on the images above to view enlarged versions "Life is all about analyzing the situation by pulling yourself out of it, and viewing it  from the top. Visualize your mirror image down there, try and act, check the result, and now you know what you should do after getting back there", she says on an ending note.

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