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How to Boost Your Resilience at Work

According to experts, employees view their job as stressors rather than an avenue to widen their horizon and become better individuals. Moreover, stress is considered as a global epidemic in the 21st century. Stress and work are so deeply interconnected with each other that employees become burnout. However, there are still some people who are resilient and can go by the tides as times change. So how do they do it?
Mind Games or Exercise 

Good health is also means having a healthy mind. Practicing a healthy habit is fundamental to be a resilient person whether physically or emotionally. Make sure you have enough sleep at night, eat a healthy balanced meal, and keep stress level in the low.  Experts suggest that by just taking 20 minutes of your time outside opens and expand your thinking. It also helps fight anxiety and depression, which are always high when you are stressed. 

Mindfulness is also highly suggested since it helps a lot of employees address and channels their stress. This can be done through mobile learning, webinars, peer-to-peer learning, onsite training and many more. These were done by experts and participants have shown improvements in resilience. This will surely make employers happy and there will be lesser work-related problems like employees on a strike or hiring a worker’s compensation attorney
How to Boost Your Resilience at Work
Taking Detachment Breaks 

In a normal employee’s life, there are the so called peaks and valleys of productivity and energy.  It is important to take not of these and take detachment breaks in between. It takes about 90-120 minutes to have a focused mentality, and energy cycles so don’t be afraid to take breaks in between. The break then helps balance work, and it promotes mental clarity, creativity, and focuses and even promotes energy. 

Compassion Cultivation 

Compassion for self and for co-workers is essential to help you become a resilient person. According to a study done by the Greater Good Science Center in UC Berkeley, being a compassionate person stimulates positive work, promotes collaboration and compassion and improves positive emotion. Moreover, being a compassionate person increases your happiness levels and stress decreases.

Don’t Shy Away from Challenges 

Treat each opportunity an avenue to learn new skills. Life at work can be viewed as a learning process despite the series of challenges ahead of you. No one is exempted from experiencing difficulties from time-to-time but always remember the response is up to the person experiencing it. One may ask help legal help for a probable violation by the company and want worker compensation attorney or take on the challenge and view it as a room for career growth. It all depends for sure of the situation the person is in.

Give Yourself a Big Pat 

There is no better appreciation than doing it to yourself. If things go well, give yourself the credit and some self-love. But if things don’t go things your way, stop dwelling on it and move on. Practicing self love takes your stress away and promotes positivity instead. 

Pumping your Positivity

Resilience means a person’s ability to withstand both positive and negative emotions that have been going on in their lives. They mourn if they experience a painful event but they know that there will always be a rainbow at the end of the tunnel. Resilience can be developed over time so if the employee finds themselves in a difficult situation, the built-in survival mechanisms settle in and our brain focuses more on the positive events over the negative ones. Open Your Heart

Gratitude is always the best attitude. Simple acts of kindness open your heart and also have adverse effects in your system. It increases serotonin levels therefore helping you feel good.  You can do acts of kindness at work like volunteering to be a member of the outing or training committee. This will help you feel useful and the positive outcome will surely boost your confidence. 

One should practice resilience not just to get by with work but to also face other difficulties in life. Resilience help you become a better person and easily get over stressful situations.

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