Christine Hannon
A 70 year-old lady who lives in Woodstock On CA. She has three wonderful children. A son in-law and a daughter in law who are just like her own. Two grandchildren a 30 year-old grand-daughter and a 10 year-old grandson. Ron and her have been married 51 years. Until a major car accident 44 years ago that took her livelihood away she was a hairdresser, make up artist and model. After listening to her hairdressing stories for a million times, family and friends suggested she write about them. And so "A Hairdresser's Diary" was born. She has written poems for as long as she can remember. She started painting first on clothing then walls, wood and stone finally on canvas. This is her way of dealing with her daily chronic pain. Most of her poetry is accompanied with pieces of her own original art.