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Inspiring Ways Technology Is Revolutionising The Dental Industry

Visiting a dentist every single periodical interval is a must. Knowing that technology is making it easier for every dental patient to feel less fearful and more delighted is a sure impact technology has made beside many others. Here's a quick list of changes that have become a common place in this industry. Read ON!
It’s a fact. No one likes going to the dentist, and if they do go, they hardly want to be sat in the dentist’s chair waiting to be lectured about their oral health (or lack of). Luckily, today, there are countless inspiring ways technology is revolutionising the dental industry.

From improved comfort with the use of dental lasers to cheap dental implants, here are 5 ways the dental industry has changed over recent years.

Intraoral Cameras

Though intraoral cameras have been around for more than 25 years, they continue to advance thanks to inspiring ways technology is revolutionising the dental industry. Over recent years, we have seen the addition of incredible features making it easier for dentists across the world to detect oral health problems, such as tooth decay. With early detection, patients experience Technology Is Revolutionising The Dental Industry less pain and the treatments are far less expensive and invasive than detecting a disease once the problem has advanced.

3D Printing

It’s true – 3D printing technology really is transforming the dental industry. Today, dental labs can produce numerous orthodontic appliances, including bridges, crown and stone models at speed. Compared to traditional methods, 3D printing customer prosthetics and orthodontic appliances are far less time consuming and expensive. Soon enough, dentists could be able to 3D print you a new tooth in seconds!

Dental Lasers

Thanks to the use of advanced laser technology, dentists across the world can successfully treat numerous oral conditions, including gum disease and tooth decay at ease. Dental lasers are becoming increasingly popular and enable dentists to provide better patient experience. Several people are afraid of visiting the dentist, whether it is because they fear the pain or simply because they believe they are too busy to take time out of their tight schedule to visit the dentist. But, lasers provide a quick and virtually painless experience, which is perfect for those that have had a bad experience in the past or find the sound of the equipment intimidating.

Improved Systems

Technology Is Revolutionising The Dental Industry Once upon a time, patient records were stored as paper medical records. These days, however, a majority of dentists have jumped on the bandwagon and moved into the digital age. Not only is this a much more efficient way of storing hundreds, if not thousands, of records, some of who might have the same name, but it ensures important information can be easily accessed at any given time.
Whilst dental practices across the globe may have not had much choice but to wave goodbye to their traditional methods, storing medical practice records electronically has enabled better security and improved accuracy nonetheless.

Dental Air-Abrasion

Air-abrasion is yet another perfect example of an inspiring way technology is revolutionising the dental industry. Not only is it a far less invasive way of removing decay from a tooth, but it can also be used to improve discolouration and cavity preparation, as well as to repair chipped or worn teeth for far more effective and safe dental treatment. 
We're sure you can agree that there are several inspiring ways technology has, and continues to, revolutionise the dental industry. Whilst many of these advanced dentistry solutions have been used greatly since as early as the 1940s, today we see even more solutions being poured into the mix to improve dentistry and provide a more comfortable experience.
Have you noticed these developments? How have your visits to the dentists been? Add your valuable comments below and join our discussion here.

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