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Catherine Hayes Shares The Transformational Power of the Enneagram on Empowered Living Show

Catherine Hayes has dedicated her life to helping others, especially women, live from their true selves. She talks about the transformational power of Enneagram. Watch the complete episode for details and the read the article for the gist here.
Empowered Living Show
Learn to Live Authentically

Catherine Hayes has dedicated her life to helping others, especially women, live from their true selves.

Her Background

The Transformational Power of the Enneagram From a young age, Catherine worked, starting with a paper route at age 11. She dug herself out of the poverty of her childhood, acquired several advanced degrees, including two doctorates, became a Public Health Dentist, and held a full-time faculty position at Tufts University, as well as at Harvard University, where she still maintains an appointment.

The Accident

In the winter of 2005, she was walking her dog. The dog pulled her suddenly, causing her to slip on some ice. She fell backward, landing on her head, and was immediately unconscious. She received a message before she woke up: “It’s time to change your life.”

Her New Path

It wasn’t an overnight transformation, Catherine says, but, she knew something had been implanted into her psyche when she fell. She couldn’t work immediately after for about a month, and remembers thinking that the slower pace was a nice change. She had never taken it easy before. She would soon find herself stepping into the path of spiritual and personal development, first as a student, and then, a teacher.

Her New Career

Catherine is a certified Life and Leadership Coach, and an authorized and certified Riso-Hudson Enneagram Teacher. She works with people one-on-one to help them transform their lives.

How It All Started

In the 1990’s, Catherine had attended a few weekend workshops on the Enneagram, but never did anything with it. Then, a year to the day after her accident, she found herself at another workshop, but this time, something stuck. She purchased Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson’s book called, “The Wisdom of the Enneagram,” and went through their certification program. At first, it was just for her own personal growth, but she soon realized a passion to start her own coaching business.

What is an Enneagram?

The word comes from the Greek, “ennea” meaning the number nine, and “gram” meaning “chart.” It’s a circular diagram with nine points that can help you determine your “type,” how you react to your environment, and how you can improve your life simply by being aware of this information.

The Enneagram Explained

The Enneagram chart is divided into three categories, Belly, Heart, and Head. Within these categories are nine “types,” that, Catherine says, everyone falls into.

The Belly

Enneagram Types 8, 9, and 1 are in this category, and are largely instinctual in nature. Eight is “The Boss” and they try to control everything around them. Nine is “The Peacemaker.” They are desperate to keep the peace in all areas of their lives, many times at their own expense. Type One is called “The Perfectionist,” and strives to create perfection outside themselves.

The Heart

The Heart Types are 2, 3, and 4, and these people have a need to be seen a certain way. Two is called “The Helper,” They help others so they can feel loved. Three is “The Achiever,” and this person is disconnected from their own self-worth, so they place it in their accomplishments and achievements. Type Four is “The Individualist,” and is disconnected from their own sense of identity. Healthy Fours are the great artists, writers, and musicians. They see beauty where others don’t.

The Head

The Head holds 5, 6, and 7. Five is “The Investigator/Observer,” and are the geniuses, such as Albert Einstein. They see depth and breadth of knowledge that most of us cannot, but they don’t feel capable, and are not comfortable in the public eye. Type Six is “The Loyalist,” and will never let you down. They don’t trust that they are supported, so they create a life with lots of security and certainty. They are reliable, but experience a lot of anxiety in life. Sevens are “The Enthusiasts,” because they are the visionaries, the people who do big things, like start non-profits, and join the Peace Corps, but they are often overwhelmed with their own ideas. They try to create a sense of joy and freedom in their lives.

Level Up

We are born one type. We do not change types, but we can level up to become “healthy,” no matter what our type. For example, Mother Theresa was a very healthy Eight. Oprah Winfrey, like Catherine herself, is a healthy Three. These types do not doom us to always react a certain way, but offer insight into how to adjust the way we react. By doing this, we can bring our own unique gifts to the world, and live more freely. Leveling up is as simple as being present. Be aware of your type, and how you react to the world. The Enneagram teaches compassion for self and others. That, Catherine says, is the key.

Enneagram and The Soul

Your type has to do with your soul’s journey. We are all here to express our gifts, but we’re sent with a challenge to overcome, a disconnection. Catherine helps others overcome their disconnections. She designs her coaching based on your type, and stresses that the sense of longing, disconnection, you may feel is a personality structure, not something deep in your soul. What Catherine does is teach you how to gravitate toward your own inner guidance. The more we understand, the more we level up, and the happier we can be. The Enneagram can be a wonderful parenting tool. Catherine says parents should be aware of how their children react to situations, and help them to see their own value.

Ancient Wisdom

The Enneagram was used in ancient Egypt and Greece, and the teaching says that it would be reintroduced to the world when we needed it most, when we needed to wake up. It’s time!Catherine’s FREE gift! Go to, and get your free comprehensive explanation of the Enneagram types! She also offers complimentary sessions to see if her coaching style is the right fit for you. Sign up on her website and receive even more valuable information
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