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7 Ways You Can Save Money Whilst Saving The Environment

Climate change is one of the biggest problems in our world today – but it can be expensive to make the changes needed to keep our planet green, right? Wrong! Saving the environment is not only easy, but it’s cheap, too. Read ON!
If you’re looking for ways to do your part without being out of pocket, read on for our seven favorite ways of saving the environment whilst not just reducing the price, but saving yourself money!

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats are a popular choice nowadays and are a great way to save the environment whilst also saving yourself some cash. A smart thermostat works by automatically reducing the amount of energy you use, either by saving you using air-con without needing to in the summer or by reducing heating your home unnecessarily in the winter, offering you energy-saving heating and air conditioning. You can plan it around your own routine, meaning it’s easy for you, too.
Not only will these cut out the amount of energy you waste each day, but it also reduces the amount of money you need to spend on energy bills, meaning you save the environment whilst saving yourself some money. With a smart thermostat, you got the best of both worlds! You can find out more by visiting the Semper Solaris page linked above; Semper Solaris supply solar panels and air-conditioning solutions. 

Solar Panels

Using solar panels to power your house is not only better for the environment, but in the long run, cheaper for you, too. Solar panels, although they may seem expensive to install, aren’t actually that overpriced now they’re becoming more and more of a popular choice, meaning you can get a reasonably good price. It’s also worth remembering installing solar panels is a one-time payment, not a monthly one, and even including the maintenance needed to keep solar panels running, once you work out the total cost compared to your normal energy bills, it’s most likely a much cheaper option overall to use solar panels.

Solar panels are much better for the environment, too – they rely on renewable, solar energy, rather than burning fossil fuels, meaning there’s less greenhouse gas emitted into the atmosphere and ultimately, less global warming. If you're looking to consume energy through a green and renewable way, you can check out renewable energy providers from power to choose.

Re-Style Your Toilet Tank

Save Money This one is possibly the simplest option on this list – in fact, it should barely cost you anything at all! All you need to do is wrap a brick in a waterproof plastic bag, and place this in your tank. This should displace and reduce the amount of water needed for each flush, meaning you save a lot of water in total.

It’s cheaper than installing a brand new toilet (although this is always an option if you’re looking for something a little classier), and should save you money on your water bills, as you’ll be using less water and so shouldn’t need to pay as much. By using less water, you not only help conserve it, but you also reduce the costs needed to clean and reuse the water, as well as reduce the amount of energy needed, saving the environment even further than you may at first think.

Swap Out Your Paper Towels

Paper towels are the easy thing to reach for in a spill emergency, but when you think about it, how many of these do you use in a week, a month, a year? Way too many, and paper towels fill up landfills far more than you may realize. There’s an easy solution to this problem – instead of purchasing paper towels, which can be pretty expensive once you total up the costs, purchase some washable rags.

Not only are these reusable, easy to wash, and saves you having to buy paper towels every week, they’re also probably much better at getting out any liquid as they’re much more absorbent, particularly if you invest in a nice one. They’re so good for the environment, not just because of what they do for landfills but by reducing the number of trees needed to be cut down, reducing deforestation, saving habitats, and reducing the amount of carbon in our atmosphere.

Start A Vegetable Garden

Growing your own vegetables is not only cheap and good for the environment, but it can also be incredibly fun and rewarding. Buying seeds and nurturing your own vegetables is not only cheaper than buying vegetables every week (or, if you’re like us, indulging in takeaways a little too much), but it reduces the number of vegetables needed to be grown.
This is good for two reasons: one, it saves agricultural land for other projects and saves habitats that would otherwise be destroyed, but it also saves energy by reducing the number of plane flights needed to transport vegetables and fruit from abroad, meaning there’s a lot less fuel being burnt, and a lot less harmful gases clogging up the environment.

This is particularly good for those with families – having a vegetable garden, and growing your own fruit and vegetables, is great for teaching kids about healthy eating, as well as showing them where their food comes from and getting them involved in a family-friendly activity that teaches them patience, and rewards them with some tasty food at the end of it!

Reuable Cups

Reusable things are actually pretty fashionable nowadays and are great for saving the planet. You’ve got two main options which are very popular – the first is reusable water bottles. You can buy these cheaply for even a dollar, and you’ll be able to get your water from taps. Not only does this stop you from having to buy bottled water every time you want a drink, but it saves you wasting plastic, meaning you kill two birds with one stone.

Your other option is buying reusable coffee cups. This is a great way to save paper by not having to throw away cups, and many shops and coffee places offer discounts for those using reusable cups, meaning you can save a little bit. If you’re a coffee lover, this is a must to save you some cash whilst still getting your daily cup!

Use Rechargeable Batteries

There’s no denying that rechargeable batteries are a lot more expensive to buy than disposable batteries, but over time, you’ll easily make your money back. Batteries are one of the most damaging things to the environment, as when they’re disposed, they can release lots of harmful chemicals and really damage the soil and ruin the land, as well as the local ecosystem.

Rechargeable batteries don’t need to be thrown away for a long time, meaning you reduce the amount of damage you do to the environment, and they also reduce your need to keep buying them, meaning although the initial cost is more, the price over time is much cheaper, saving you plenty of money over time.

It saves you convenience, too – you don’t need to run out to the shop when you realize you’ve used up the last of your batteries, but instead can charge up your reusable ones so they’re ready to go!

Saving the environment doesn’t have to be a chore – it can not only make life easier for you, but it can save you more money in the long run, meaning you can spend it on the things that really matter. With a little hard work, you can make your efforts go a long way in saving the environment and making the world a cleaner, greener and more environmentally friendly place.

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