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Courage - The Real Key to Success

Ana Sorina from Romania shares her perceptions on how important an element courage becomes in the journey to success in life. Success however you define it, eventually needs courage to stand up for what you want and desire. Here's a quick dose of prose to inspire greater courage in you. Read ON!
I want to talk about what courage can do for you.

Courage can help you achieve what you want to. No matter what that means. You can get the collaboration you want, you can talk to the person who matters so much to you. You can start the plan that you have put on hold. You can succeed at something you think you don't even have a chance to.

Courage - The Real Key to Success
Yes! It is courage that is behind all these things; and what’s behind failure? It is fear. That is, the feeling of emptiness in the stomach, the belief that you will not be able to, fear that others will laugh, that they will criticize you and judge you. Between your fear and courage are your desires. There they swing, and you also swing there: I would like to ... but I dare not.

Fear governs everything you do not do: you will fill in the darkest reasons and explanations that you give yourself; and courage governs everything you enjoy: you have to complete your plans, your vision of success, the impact you want your work, plans, and desires to have.

Fear and courage are a very strong pair, and its strength comes precisely from the percentage of equality we offer to both when we weigh a decision. But, the more we give them power as a team, the more we will lie in procrastination, in conscious postponement, and uncertainty.

Ideally, we need to empower either one of the two components ‘fear’ or ‘courage’. Obviously, we will empower fear, which would be the first choice: I give up, I'm afraid, I get rid of a chore, at least I'm not stressed anymore. Let's face it, it's the most common choice.

But I want to propose something else to you: that is ‘Risk’. Risk is the wheel that sets your desires in motion and moves them from fear into courage. I propose you to risk, to accept the thought that you may lose. But also endorse the thought that maybe you will succeed, you will enjoy what you want, you will feel what you dream. When you have a desire, most of the time you have the talent to implement it. You have all the resources. It's just that you do not have a proper idea of how to work with them.

Courage - The Real Key to Success This is where the lesson begins.

Replace ‘fear’ with ‘risk’, and see what comes out. From your failure, you will learn the improvements you need to make. From success, you will learn how to use your talent and turn it into an educational tool for others.

Stop thinking that others are already doing what you wish to do, that the market is full. There is room for every dream, because every dream is unique, and brings at least one new comma and Uniqueness to it. We can all paint a winter landscape, each one will paint it differently - and just as beautiful because individually, we put our concept and feeling in that painting. As an actor, we can play the same role in many shows, but each show would become unique by the unique note we give to the character. We all can do everything, and we all would do it differently.

Anyone who starts comparing would only live in great prejudice. And, the prejudice of others should not stop you from living the way you want. We have become so used to being told what is good and what is not, that we have stopped acting. Why? We are afraid that "it's not good". Without asking what is good, what is bad.

Courage - The Real Key to Success
The phenomenology course in 2014 from the philosophy faculty was my first contact with the real, pure perspective on what we are, what life is, and what we can actually do. Then, we understood that we can do things right just by focusing on what we want to do and feel, not what we want to show to others. When I understood this, I also understood that I need to focus on building my dream with the resources I have, not to forget what resources others have; and how their dreams look like.

Courage comes when we know that our failure will not be a natural disaster. It's just a test on which we need to improve and repeat.

Take a small step. Defeat your smallest fear today; tomorrow a bigger one; the day after tomorrow a much bigger one, and See what happens. And, do let me know your experience too, please!

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Ana Sorina Corneanu
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