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Reasons To Use Studio Backdrops By Kate Backdrop For Your Photography

For a professional Photographer, the backdrops are as important as a canvas for a painter. Isn't it? 
Reasons To Use Studio Backdrops By Kate Backdrop For Your Photography The way a Painter can bring out a beautiful portrait on the canvas, a photographer brings out a story in every photo using just a few pieces of equipment like Backdrop and foreground. A backdrop adds personality and style to the photos. Of course, needless to mention the subject is at the heart of the photo.

But, if you are a beginner in photography and wondering if you need to use backdrops for your photos, here are the reasons you should:

Reasons to use Studio backdrops for your photography:

1. Backdrops are long-lasting:

Quality backdrops are a one-time investment for long-term benefits since they generally have longer durability if taken care of well. You can fold them and store them in the studio and it doesn’t occupy much place. As a photographer, you might already know the pain of going for the poor quality ones that go out of use in no time. The microfiber backdrops are considered to be the best among many other materials since they are wrinkle-free and thus last longer.

2. Enhance the quality of the photos:

Reasons To Use Studio Backdrops By Kate Backdrop For Your Photography Backdrops give a whole different feel and enhance the quality of photos. As a photographer, bringing out quality photos is the whole objective. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and that in turn may lead to more repeated business and referrals.

3. Saves Photo-editing time:

As a photographer, no one else would know better the irritation and frustrations that you go through while editing the photos. Especially the ones in which the backdrop was wrinkled or a photo taken with a poor quality outdoor background, and you had to remove the wrinkles from the photo (literally ironing wrinkles using Photoshop) or had to remove the complete background, that does take a lot of time and focus. What if you could save that editing time? Wouldn’t it be better for your business? A quality backdrop can help you do so.

4. They are cost-effective:

Backdrops are not as costly as they used to be. They are available at a much more affordable cost. Additionally, because of their long durability, they help you get higher returns on the investment. You can take up more projects that you were hesitant in taking up earlier because of the requirement of that particular type of background. More projects lead to more profits for your photography business.

5. Provides Variety:

Reasons To Use Studio Backdrops By Kate Backdrop For Your Photography The backdrops come in different types. Each type has a different feel and thus provide variety to the photos. While the plain backdrops give a professional look, the tainted ones are used to give a casual look to the photo. The backdrops that are related to the festivals help in giving out the festive feeling in the photos. The abstract and designer ones bring out a message and a story to the photo.

6. Useful for both Indoors & Outdoors:

Backdrops are portable and hence can be easily carried to any outdoor location for photoshoots. The vinyl and microfiber ones are easier to carry as they are foldable compared to the Seamless paper ones. The seamless paper ones need to be rolled and thus occupy a larger space.

Where should you procure the backdrops from?

Choosing a quality and trustworthy supplier of backdrops is vital for your photography business. A poor quality backdrop can not only ruin your photos but also hamper your reputation. For these reasons, if you haven’t still, you need to try out the backdrops from Kate. Kate Backdrop is one of the best suppliers of backdrops of all kinds from Festival-themed backdrops to the plain ones, they have all you need.

Reasons To Use Studio Backdrops By Kate Backdrop For Your Photography

Why Choose Kate Backdrop?

- Wrinkle-resistant:

The backdrops from Kate Backdrop are made of Microfiber material that is wrinkle-free. Even if you do see some wrinkles due to heavy packing when the product arrives, those wrinkles are easily removable with a personal-use clothing steamer.

- Portable:

The backdrops are foldable and hence can be carried easily to any outdoor location.

- Washable:

The microfiber material of the backdrops makes it washable. Cleaning of backdrops is easy. You can clean these backdrops with either washing or dry cleaning and the material wouldn’t be affected by it.

- Affordable:

The backdrops with Kate are not heavy for your pockets. They are economically priced to make it more affordable.

- Worldwide Delivery:

The backdrops are available in any part of the world. Additionally, shipping is pretty fast. Your order might arrive in 9-12 business days; it doesn’t take more than 2 weeks in the worst-case scenario too. What’s more? If your order value exceeds $180, you get Free Shipping.

Other Products of Kate:

- Rubber Floor: Rubber Floor mats by Kate are made with microfiber material with rubber at the surface. The designs are computer-printed on the rubber floor mat. The floor mats are wrinkle-resistant, durable, and stretchable. The special quality of these floor mats is that the thickness has been brought down to 3mm which makes the patterns high-definition and lifelike.

- Collapsible Backdrops:

Collapsible backdrops differentiate from the other backdrops in a way that you put them up on a stand instead of hanging them on the wall. They are very easy to fold as well and these properties make them easily transportable.

- Hand-painted Canvas:

Would you love to have a hand-painted canvas for your photographs? Kate Backdrops provide them too. The canvases are hand-painted by professionals and give you a classy look in the photos.

- Photo Props:

What about Photo props like Newborn props, Newborn floral, Dream Catchers for your photography? Wouldn’t they add value to your photos? You can order all of them from Kate Backdrops.


Backdrops form an important element of photography. A quality backdrop can enhance the feel of photos to a very high extent. You are a photographer, a videographer, you want for your Zoom calls, or for your homemade pictures, these backdrops by Kate Backdrop are for you! Kate guarantees a 10-days return period to assure you of their quality. If you need any kind of backdrops, you know Kate Backdrop is the name to reckon with.

If you are a photographer and have used Backdrops for your photos, we would love to know your experiences with the same in the comments below.

Images Credit: Kate Backdrop

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