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If You Have an Online Store, You Need Beeketing

There is more than one reason why more than 350,000 eCommerce stores trust Beeketing! Read ON!

Imagine this- You dream of becoming an entrepreneur! You get to know that ‘Online Shopping’ is among the ‘Successful Entrepreneur Business Ideas during COVID-19’.

You think of an online store with the intention of making some really quality products available to your audience!

You set up your eCommerce store or a dropshipping store on WooCommerce, BigCommerce, or Weebly and you are ready to roll out the products for your audience!

You invest in ads and put all the marketing efforts you can to get visitors for your platform because you believe that your products would add value to their life!

You start getting visitors to your platform and you are excited to see the graph of your sales soaring!

But, Damn! It is turning out to be very different than you thought- They are leaving your site without making any purchase! And many of them select the products; add to their cart but leave the site without the purchase!

You suddenly feel your dream crashing! IT HURTS! Isn’t it?

Well, you are not alone! Here are some stats:

According to WPForms, there are an estimated 12 million to 24 million eCommerce sites globally. The research estimates say that the rate of failure of eCommerce business is about 80% with some even mentioning a 97% failure rate. The average conversion rate for an eCommerce store is 2.23%. BigCommerce mentions it to be in the range of 1%-2%.

For a very long time, the online stores were left alone in the maze trying to figure out the ways of increasing conversion rates, sales, abandoned cart recovery, and many more aspects.

Beeketing Slowly, there were platforms that could assist the online stores but they were all scattered. The industry lacked a product that could house all the types of services an online store may require under one roof. Hence, in 2014 a platform called Beeketing- an all-in-one marketing automation platform for the eCommerce stores was launched.

What is Beeketing?

Their Facebook page bio reads “Everything you need to cure the pain of low conversion rate for your online shop.”- It says it all. Beeketing is an all-in-one marketing platform launched to empower the eCommerce brands and enable them to launch, grow, and succeed.

So, if you have been struggling with low conversion rates for your eCommerce store, you are in the right place. Read On!

Who is the Founder of Beeketing and what is the story behind it?

Well, it dates back to 2008 in Vietnam. Then, the Founder of Beeketing Quan Manh Truong (a.k.a Quan MT/Quan Truong) was a freelance web designer. He was 18 years of age. He, along with his colleagues, used to build website plugins.

In 2012, they launched their first product- a website builder.

Beeketing In 2014, Mr. Quan Truong graduated from the Founders Institute in Vietnam and also created Beeketing after having helped many eCommerce merchants in building websites and growing their businesses.

In 2015, Beeketing graduated out of a reputable platform called 500Startups and was funded by them. They went on to launch on the platforms like WooCommerce, BigCommerce the following year.

It has been 6 years since the launch and they have empowered more than 350,000 eCommerce stores across the world with their apps to generate more sales, grow, and succeed.

From a freelance web designer from Vietnam to being the Founder of Beeketing that has helped 3.5L eCommerce stores through its products, if this is not inspiration; I don’t know what is.!

Ways in which Beeketing can boost your conversion and sales:

In 2019, eCommerce sales worldwide amounted to $3.53bn. If done well, you can increase your sales multifold. Let’s discuss the features and apps provided by Beeketing and how do they help you at every step of customer conversion. Including free and paid apps, Beeketing provides 9 apps that could benefit your online business.

Paid Apps:

Checkout Boost:
A cart abandonment rate of 70% must be nothing less than frustrating for you. A checkout page is a place of the most important in your online store. This app helps you to boost conversion and social traffic to your site from the checkout page. You can use this app to create offers to encourage buyers to share their order on social media and earn a discount on the order value or a freebie in return. Such social posting creates awareness about your brand in their network and creates a curiosity for them to visit and explore your site. It also includes boosting sales through Countdown timer and Sales motivator. Checkout Boost would help you boost the conversion rate by more than 25%. More than 9000 online businesses have used the Checkout Boost for their platform.

Boost Sales:
Up-selling and cross-selling play a pivotal role in the success of the online business. Cross-selling and product recommendations are said to contribute 35% of the overall revenues of Amazon. You would certainly want the buyers to spend more than what they have planned for. Don’t you? You put efforts regularly to come up with the bundles of complementing products that can be bought together. Sometimes it gains but many a time, the efforts cut no ice due to improper selection of products.

Beeketing Boost Sales app makes it easier for you. Through its AI, it creates bundles of complementing products and suggests them to the buyers at the time of checkout to encourage more purchases and boost the per-order value of your store. Through this, you can add a category called “People who bought this also bought” on your checkout page.

Personalized Recommendation:
Targeted products according to the interests of the buyers can lead to more sales. Hence, the Personalized Recommendation helps you choose the products personalized according to their choices & interests and suggest them with at the checkout page or through the mails. Personalized product recommendations might account for just 7% of visits but 26% of the revenues.

For you, staying in touch with the customers through an email whether it is keeping them updated with the new arrivals on your store, product recommendations, a welcome mail, or follow-up for the abandoned cart is indispensable. 72% of the customers prefer an email as the mode of communication. If not prioritized well, the emails are capable of taking up a lot of time of yours. And on top of that customizing it for every subscriber according to their interests would be impossible to execute manually unless a resource person is hired specifically for this task.

Mailbot is an email marketing automation tool that helps you boost conversion rate and increase customer loyalty & retention rates. Mailbot has generated around $16mn of additional revenue for the eCommerce stores today.

Free Apps:

Better Coupon Box:
Beeketing Most of the visitors leave your site without making any purchase ifthe store lacks in some exciting offers for them on their arrival that can catch their eye and can hold them. Picture it this way- we tend to enter the retail store that has exciting offers showcased for its customers than the one that doesn’t.
Similarly, exciting offers at the homepage for the first time visitors would excite them to stay, explore your store, and share their email address.

Sales Pop:
Have you noticed that we tend to go to a place where there are more number of people compared to a place where there is no one? Not just that, even when it comes to choosing the products, we tend to choose the same product the people around us have chosen. Need proof? Recall your feeling when you read (at the onset of this write-up) that more than 350,000 eCommerce stores trust Beeketing. As humans, we all need Social proof. A group of people gives us a feeling of security and that we are not the only one and the store & its products are trustworthy.

The same feeling is important for every visitor of yours. Informing them of the number of views and no. of people who have purchased from your store will act as social proof. This can be achieved by Sales Pop- it pops up notifications at the corner of the site of the recent orders. This creates a sense of Social Proof for the store and the products alike.

Countdown Cart:
A countdown cart for the offers on the product page creates a sense of urgency among the buyers, and maximizes conversions. When the buyer knows that an irresistible offer is getting over in 24 hours, the chances of completing the purchase or make an additional purchase would increase.

Sales motivator motivates the buyers to purchase more to reach a cart value threshold to receive a reward or a discount including free shipping. Have you ever made an additional purchase on other sites to get enabled for free shipping? Yes! Interesting! So you get it!

Quick Facebook Chat:
Beeketing provides you with an on-site live chat widget via Facebook Messenger to enable you to solve the customer queries right through your store on the app and not have to navigate out of the store.

Mobile Converter:
With Mobile accounting for nearly 50% of web traffic worldwide, if your store is not mobile-optimized, chances are high that you will lose a lot of customers. The mobile converter helps your store get optimized for mobile by providing a full-screen image gallery and a faster checkout process-flow. More than 10,000 eCommerce store owners use the Mobile Converter.

What kind of results can you expect by using Beeketing?

Well, it would be better if we could share a couple of examples of how online stores used Beeketing and the results they achieved through it. Isn’t it? So, here they are:

The approach of sharing the problems they were facing, solutions applied and then the results is old-school. Let’s share the results first in both the stories (Be blown!)

Client Story 1:
FlyPolar- A women’s garments and accessories company


6473 successful orders

490,000 increase in revenue (through Beeketing)

190% increase in Conversion rate

47% upliftment in the average order value

Exciting! Isn’t it? Now let us look at the challenges this store was facing and the solutions applied:

Challenges, Scenario & Requirement:

1. FlyPolar was established 3 years before the time of this transaction. (Unlike many others that are newly launched)

2. They already had a steady amount of traffic to their site.

3. Requirements: to improve the site’s checkout rate, retention rate, Average Order Value


1. Checkout Boost:

- Using the ‘Share-to-get’ feature to create an eye-catching pop-up, encouraging site visitors to share their carts on their social media.

- Create ‘Just take it’ offers: giving a customer a free T-Shirt to check out their cart immediately

- Countdown Timer to create a sense of urgency

- Sale Motivator to increase the average order value

By implementing those methods above only, FlyPolar saw a 63% increase in the checkout rate and an 8% uplift in their revenue in the first month!

2. Boost Sales:

- Creating of upselling and cross-selling bundles of complementary products to increase the average order value

3. Mailbot & Better Coupon Box:

- FlyPolar was struggling to retain the customers and avoid cart abandonment

- Creating eye-catching pop-up using Better Coupon Box to collect the email ids of the new visitors

- Automation of Email marketing campaigns: rule-based campaign- send a confirmation mail with order status, estimated time of arrival, option for faster shipping, etc.

- Cart Abandonment follow-up emails were sent to the customers who did not complete the purchase

- Curation of well-designed newsletters with the written templates to promote their new arrivals every week.

Client Story 2:
B’DESIR: Cosmetics company


14.57% Checkout rate

614,847 INR additional revenue

23% boost in total orders

Challenges, Scenario & Requirement:

1. B’DESIR was a 6 years old brand with an offline presence in India

2. Problems: Low checkout rate- industry average of checkout rate of health & beauty industry was 3.8%

3. Since they had a strong offline presence, sending online traffic wasn’t a big hassle but the conversion rate was.


1. Using Sales Pop to build Social Proof.

2. Checkout Boost: Using a countdown timer for the checkout process.

B’Desir nailed the sales craze during The Black Friday by putting up an offer of up to 30% off any order if customers complete checkout within 15 minutes

Other Reviews:






Shawn, the founder of FlyPolar, a client of Beeketing mentioned that when one of his friends informed him about Beeketing, he thought that there is no loss in trying. He tried and today remains to be an example of the results achieved through Beeketing. We hope that you make an informed decision and experience the products. There are no reasons not to do so! If you decide to, we would certainly look forward to knowing your experience in the comments below.

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