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5 Night Time Routines for Glowing Skin

Did you have a tiring day today? Big long day is it? Or is it very difficult to push yourself to do anything, but retire for the day? Whatever the case is - hang in there! Before you hit the bed, there are certain things you must do for yourself to keep your skin glowing and at its best no matter how tired you are.
First of all, remember, a little goes a long way. Taking care of your skin everyday and making it a routine is simple yet effective versus waiting for all that damage and then trying to reverse them.

Here are a few things you should ideally do to maintain glowing skin.

1. Remove your makeup - I’m sure you would have heard this many times before. But yes, this is very important. You can’t even imagine of going to sleep with the slightest of make up on.  Make sure you remove the last bit of material from your face and neck. Ensure that the cotton balls you use to wipe it off are clean and don’t stop till you find the cotton running clean. Please be sure to cover the delicate areas around the eye, making sure that you dab the area instead of rigorously wiping it off. You must be covering the areas around your lips and nose too. Don’t forget the neck region.
Night Time Routines for Glowing Skin
2. Apply ice or cold water – Once you’ve cleansed your face thoroughly, application of ice or cold water will help in toning your skin and relieving any kind of inflammation if present. It reduces pore size too. You don’t have to apply ice directly, you could use a cloth to cover the ice cubes and then apply gently covering all areas of your face and neck.

3. Apply a night cream – Please remember your skin products work twice as much during the night. That explains why we must most definitely be using a night cream before you go off to sleep. The skin regenerative power is also more at night and using the right product will work best at this time. Please do consult your skin expert to choose the product which would work well for you.

4. Moisturize your hands and feet – This is especially to all the women out there. Please promise yourself to apply a hand cream before you sleep. Remember your hands can show signs of aging too. This step is absolutely essential.  Keeping your feet moisturized is good for your feet and if you can cover it up with socks, it would be even better. 5. Sleep your way off to beauty- That’s right. Getting a good night’s sleep works like magic on your skin and health overall. Make sure you get at least six to eight hours undisturbed, night sleep.

Following these simple steps would certainly age your skin much slower and you’ll wake up to a beautiful morning and a beautiful you!

Stay Beautiful!

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Dr. Akshari Anchan
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