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iU Gurukul: Yes A New Option!!!

Inspiring lines of poetry by Dr Trilok Kumar Jain. In the direct words of Dr Trilok Kumar Jain, who is currently the director for ecosystem for innovations and entrepreneurship at Suresh Gyan Vihar University.

Dr TK Jain poetry
Have Teachers disappeared?

Has learning converted into political training?

Are students interested in only ideologies?

Institutions have converted to political asylums

Greatness has lost its meanings

You call them institutions, I doubt their relevance

Has the purpose of education changed?

Have the ideals of a great society changed?

Have the virtues of respect and reverence abandoned?

Chancellors are hooted and teachers threshed

Gherao and oppositions are the new skills mastered

You call these students, I doubt their credentials

Are the protestors the new heroes?

Are rowdy leaders hijacking institutions?

Is it important to venerate law-breakers?

Are we not glorifying law breakers?

Speak out the bitter truth about their role

You call it democracy; I doubt its contribution

Why do you call them institutions?

Do they have morals of asking for pay-scale revisions?

Feeding on government money and working against it

So called great institutions are no longer institutions

If you call these buildings an institution

I doubt your understanding of institution

Is it justifiable to burn public property?

Is it justifiable to call for a Bandh?

No understanding – yet shouting in protests

If you support these protestors

If you call them students, I doubt your intentions

We had great champions of learning

We had those who sacrificed their own life

Dadhichi, the great saint who offered his own bones

And today we have self-proclaimed champions

Who call themselves the ambassadors of wisdom

Throwing stones in the name of democracy, I doubt this education

We had great systems of debates and dialogues

Systems of dissent and discussions

Time passed by – and today we have Andolans

Great institutions have become greater political centres

Politicians thrive through these buildings

Giving shelter to some political activists, I doubt these institutions 

What an education it was

Great sanskars that was

We had real Students

Teachers took the best out of these students

Time passed and today we have hooligans

Those who boycott their own teachers

Shouting at the national leaders, I doubt these students

Dr TK Jain poetry
We need the ancient Gurukuls in new online version

We need the age-old systems of learning

For the survival of the greatest civilization

We are the youngest and oldest civilization

Having the best social innovators to follow

We need the curious learners to act and pro-act

Lets kindle a series of inspiration unlimited initiatives

Lets give the world a ray of hope for positivism

Lets welcome the new phase of online institution

Create a society of positive actions, I support your initiative

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazin

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