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Indulging a wave of glory - Pranav Bhat

While millions of budding engineers dream to build a career to contribute realistic technical solutions through their skills, very few are able to actually accomplish the dream, as they are considered unachievable by many. Here's a 2nd year engineering student, who breaks the stereotype with his unlimited enthusiasm and energy, and has been the reason to bring about a change with the creation of several projects of his own. Read on!
Studies! Projects! Placements! Exams! Every student has these running in his/her mind which dominates the thought of executing an idea technically. Being occupied with syllabus, internals, externals, lab exams and not being able to take up projects and enter into a new envelope of knowledge is the situation faced by quite a lot of students. It is high time for every student to understand the fact that projects should not be worked on just to elongate the resume instead, they have to be done in order to learn something new to estimate your potential. Learning something new, out of curriculum should never be a burden because it is something which gives life and contentment to a student. Your profile expands when you render a solution to the practical world’s problem. If two of your attempts fail, do not hesitate to give it a third try as that is the only way to discover your progress accurately.
Pranav Bhat
“Strength to accept the failure must be the leading quality of every student, projects give me a kick which I would cherish for the rest of my life and would take up many more for the same kick. I would love to leave behind my signature to the world through the products which I give life to” says Pranav bhat, a second year electronics and communication engineering student from CMRIT, who has brought in a vibration not just at college level but at national level, which provokes every student to give his/her creation to the world. Have a glance over the life of this fabulous star who has been exploring not just to learn, but also to gain satisfaction from doing something new every day.

Pranav, like any other engineering student, faces the same kind of challenges regarding assignments, internal averages, attendance and so on, but his strong decision to stand out in the society is what, has made him different.

His robust desire to try something new was not ignited until he heard the inspiring words of his lecturer, Prof. Phani Kumar Pullela. The real meaning and purpose of the term motivation was well portrayed by the step Pranav took, after listening to him.

The story behind how he started his first project is quite interesting, “I got the push when I heard my sir encouraging me, by sharing the project idea. Creative learning with fun, is his signature style of teaching who replaced assignments by project designs. Result is not of concern to me as my procedure may either fetch a result which is new, different and efficient or may result to nothing, which further forms a base to my next attempt; you never know unless you give it a shot. His crazy ideas, innovative methods and his life experiences are the keys which I use to execute projects” he shares. Read on to know more about the two real time projects the young champion has produced.
Pranav Bhat
Plastic flash bricks: Plastic is water resistant and non bio degradable and fly ash increases the melting point of plastic and reduce the intensity of fumes produced when plastic is melted. Plastic molecules are fit into the pores of the fly ash molecules, giving rise to hard bricks which can be used for constructions. 20 days of constant failure in obtaining results did not stop him from developing 5 probabilities every day. Despite the challenges he faced in obtaining the proper shape and rigidity of the crack-prone Brick, dedication, skill and ‘not give up’ attitude kept him going. Efficient and effective method for purification of industrially polluted water- Bellandur lake project, was his second one which could be related to the first; fly ash generated here would be used as the raw material by the flash bricks. These projects have held him high in series of different competitions.

Pranav, active as an actor, has also hosted and appeared in Tulu regional channels and has won 10 competitions by being a part of HHH- Harvesting Humanity with Humor, Mad Adds team of CMRIT. He is presently working on another technical project which captures atmospheric humidity and condenses it to produce water and he also envisions to work on an a software project which gives information about the various scholarships available in India. Trusting the project and finding reality in fantasy, is the mantra he follows to replace real time problems with crazy solutions which rock. Time is always there, you only have to find it. Managing studies, projects, GATE preparations and other things has never been difficult to me because I do smart work: I glance the topics prior to the lecture, clarify doubts after class, register it into my mind as soon as I reach home and sacrifice my weekend for GATE” states Pranav, who works on projects from six in the evening to eleven at night. He calls every development that happens in his project, a miracle. When an engineer’s job is to create something for the society which serves as a panacea for day to day difficulties and to upgrade one’s life, what is the whole point in purely focusing on the syllabus alone, reproducing it in the answer scripts and depending solely on marks sheets for making our career? The purpose behind why you are enrolled for a particular academic program has to be reinforced and simulated through real evidences, for making yourself fit for the respective profession. By whipping up a memory from every single moment lived by him, he renders “A student has the power to deduce anything from anything. So go ahead and try something out of text book, think beyond probability to turn it into a possibility. Success lies in the life out of comfort zone” concluding with a golden line, if you want to experience the feeling of being an engineer then build something through your grand project.”

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