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Shruthi S - Casting the spell of Creativity

Transforming her why's to why not's, the fanciful has created her own way headed by trended colors. A reserved and a quiet girl who had never been out of her cocoon to meet and interact with people, has today grown up to highlight her shade by using Fashion as a medium. Read On!
The young lady, who was interested in arts and crafts right from her childhood, has crafted her journey by pushing herself to portray her capabilities to the world. The lady always wanted to fulfill her wish of being independent and earning her living by revolutionizing the power of creativity. It is quintessential to surge in, blood and sweat to complete the taken up task successfully. Here is a lady who stands as a definition for the same; how has she recreated the string of fashion? Here’s the answer.
Shruthi S
Shruthi S, a final year fashion designing student from Smt VHD Central College of Home Science, walks through the streets of busy markets, hopping from shop to shop, researching on the concept and materials, for giving life to her artistry. She sketches her imaginations, adds colors to beautify it and decorates it with accessories crafted by her tender hands, to satisfy her passion towards fashion. She is credited with the wave of coloring her thoughts and bringing them into reality on a fabric. This passionate designer has bagged chains of recognitions and appreciations for the skills she has developed.

“I believe in finding substitutes to turn deficiencies into possibilities” says Shruthi, who compensated the absence of photoshop software by designing the croaky using the Reach Cad, not compromising on the quality and facade. She managed to successfully exhibit her designs at fests and to get graded for her amazing talent; many teams from different colleges participated. To add upon, she has also won recognition at inter-college fashion show competitions, for her gracious ramp walks featuring her very fresh idea of Indo-Western draping.

Being one among the rare minds today, she finds contentment in learning and implementing new stuffs. Learning is winsome is the principle she holds, which fetches her ways to prove her abilities and gift new and wonderful designs to the market. She elaborates saying “I love to explore, learn more and dig into finding out what is trending. I have assimilated traditional embroidery which is considered arduous and I have also interned to know more about the various fabrics used for sarees, in Tamil Nadu.” Even after being familiar with fabric paintings, theme presentations, color combinations, numerous types of embroidering and more, she still wants to excavate the field of fashion in itself to bring out the hidden contemporary-yet-colorful assets in the womb of fashion.
Shruthi S
Creativity is an art she has been showered with, and wants to elevate it to the next higher level by sharing her knowledge with a lot of people, helping spread its wings to formulate every person’s power to imagine. “I live such days when I reach home at late evenings, after scrutinizing and researching without leaving a single pebble unturned. I hardly remember the days I have slept peacefully at least for 2 hours. Still, inclining towards positivity, I proudly say that I am happy to face the hurdles which creep into this lifestyle of mine, because I feel as if I am chosen to learn from and serve this domain” she confesses.

She yearns to widen the labyrinth of fashion by lighting it up with her passion. As a student, she shares a few words to all the students out there: “don’t wait for any external element to give you a push, awaken your sleeping desire of achieving your goals by stabilizing your destiny. Being confident and not worrying about the consequences, would surely take you to your deserved position. Before you quit, ask yourself, why you started.” An academic course should never be confined to curriculum. You get educated completely, only if you have derived practical knowledge, not just with textbooks but by comprehending and scoring the ability to face the professional world of your choice. If you dream of becoming an efficient professional, then start dealing with the real world by coming out of the cocoon of textbooks.

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