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VTU Rank Holder Yamuna Mruthuinjaya Gives 11 Tips For Every Student Heading Towards Success

Every student enters his/her school and then college, nurturing a dream of earning a hard earned intellectual rank and academic position. 'interest and dedication is the key to achieve' is what all of us believe. There is something else that made this student top her examinations. Keep scrolling to know how this prolific learner channelized her ways of obtaining proficiency into a beacon of hope and confidence for every other student to rely upon.
The mind of Yamuna Mruthuinjaya, VTU 4th rank holder for her overall engineering journey, topper at every stage, a gold medalist and former engineering student of Vemana Institute of Technology, was an empty white canvas when she set her foot into a study place which later diverged into a beautiful painting, radiating wisdom and ecstasy. Unleashing the essence of the corporate world, her consistency crowns her. Standing as the definition for perseverance, she has a strong desire to be the best and gain the best from whatever she does; academic excellence was her twin, right from her primary school which helped carve her mind psychologically in order to glue the position of an academic-topper.
Yamuna Mruthuinjaya
Each one of us get serious at our lives at a particular instant of time, similarly it was her 12 grade academic performance which activated her sense for realizing the purpose of life. The low scores became a reason for her decision to make her parents proud from that very next second; the outcome of this decision is as mentioned earlier, the gold medal! Converting the financial challenges as a thread of push and energy, she strived hard to win in her studies and rule her perfection to secure her place as a topper, which eventually turned out to be a routine; she says “my cash prize of rupees 10 thousand which I would win every year would not remain mine as every borrowed penny to support my education, had to be paid off.” This intellect has shared 11 prodigious tips, to all the students, which when exercised would help reap their desires.

1. Study smart

Let your main focus be laid on what fetches you marks. Never do quantitative studies, let it be qualitative rather, by giving more importance on the topics which are important in examination point of view.

2. Teach to remember

Always remember that demonstration is valued more than postulation. If studying is theoretical, then conveying your understanding aloud and making a person understand the subject is more like a practical practice; we all know how practical studies facilitate and improve our recalling methods.
Yamuna Mruthuinjaya

3. Focus during classes

If you are present both physically and mentally in class, then problem of losing concentration is resolved. Grasping ability is an added ingredient to the recipe of ‘learning.’ Focus completely on what is being taught so that one quick glance of the topic would do the needful to obtain a clearer understanding about the content of the syllabus. The learning process is never complete without the element of clarity; ask doubts immediately after the lecture to gain knowledge at its entirety.  

4. When to start?

Find out what works out for you! In a general sense, studying right from the beginning and preparing much in advance will not fetch you the desired outcome; along with your stamina, your marks also shrink. How well you study in the last few weeks before the commencement of your exam decides the fate of your academic performance. Remember that you can start studying late but not learning! Learning happens purely the next second you are taught. As humans, we tend to forget what we study hence strongly grasped learning and clearly focused studying are the main tools to rock as a student.

5. Text book or study material

Studying purely from text book fetches you knowledge and studying purely from study material fetches marks but when you read the text to obtain a clear picture of the subject and then learn from the material, education is fetched.

6. Understanding Codes

In combination with understanding the program-logic, the way of execution makes a topper different from an ordinary student. Divide the entire program into modules and execute it likewise and verify the functioning, later integrate and note down the output. Knowing the flow of logic and learning from debugging would help you earn the skill.
Yamuna Mruthuinjaya

7. Qualify to face a job interview

If score licenses your interview, knowledge essentially aids your survival in the corporate world. Capture what lures the interviewer before saying anything. Stress on your special qualities and extraordinary skills which portrays you unique among the bunch of other employees. The art of projecting and holding yourself high among others in a healthy manner directly reflects your appointment by the world of corporate.  

8. Transform internet into a university for learning

When internet is used for entertainment the whole time, why can’t it be used for your growth, part time? Some of the amazing techniques for solving aptitude questions can be known by numerous you tube videos. Internet acts as a puddle of crazy techniques and classy methods which is in fact a full-fledged system for vivid ways to learn.  

9. Time management

Managing assignments, records and studying is indeed difficult. Follow the idea of slotting the tasks lined in front of you and reserve a particular amount of time for each slot. Ensure you mentally set your mind to complete a task within its allotted duration.  

10. At the examination hall

Never panic in front of the question paper. Alongside recalling the answers precisely, present your answers neatly with important keywords highlighted because toppers always have a clean n clear answer script which cast a spell on the examiner to award full marks. Answer what you know first and never leave even a single question un-attempted.

11. Last minute studies are very helpful

A topper becomes so, only because focus is considered the key requisite while studying. The same makes the ranker different from another student, though studied last minute. 

Your behavior when you have nothing and your attitude when you gain everything balances the equilibrium of growth and failures of your life. Helping others around you and treating each and everyone equally are the success formulae followed by Yamuna, an adorable asset. Born with astonishing intelligence, she has now successfully stepped into the world of corporate yet craving to help students, upcoming toppers and grooming professionals. Showering good wishes on every student, she contributed her part in guiding the learners through her solid wise lessons splashing optimism and determination.

We wish Yamuna the very best fortune for her life's proceedings.

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