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CyberCentral 2017

Join the CyberCentral 2017 at Prague, Czech Republic on April 4 - 6, 2017
For the past 6 years the Cyber Security Summit has been bringing together those who are not afraid to ask uncomfortable questions, challenge existing concepts and those who are happy to share their stories. Good or bad. And the time has come to reveal the 7th edition of Cyber Security Summit under a new brand: CyberCentral.
CyberCentral 2017
What’s cooking in the CyberCentral kitchen?

We can see you. Sitting in your office, browsing through hundreds of email. “We’ve been hacked!” says one of them. And now? How did this happen? You were prepared for the worst case scenario. But unfortunately, you’ve been hacked.

Hackers are not necessarily smarter than you but they are way quicker. The real question is what to do now? The answer is simple:


In a course of 2 days, CyberCentral will allow you to revolutionize the way you approach cyber security and threats. It introduces a better and more dynamic cyber-mix of technical presentations, hands-on workshops and discussions from CISOs, Security Architects, Heads of IT, Cyber Crime Experts and many more.

Backed up by the know-how of EBCG’s Cyber Security Advisors and under the keen eye of the Conference Program Producer, the hand-picked speakers will be guided step by step, from the first draft presentation, all the way up to the stage so that the program will fit your requirements and needs. If you are interested in speaking at CyberCentral, Silvia, the Conference Program Director will be happy to listen to your ideas.

Be prepared for 3 days packed with case studies, practical workshops and discussions. Well known and respected speakers from international organizations such as Air Serbia, Nemsec, Enexis, Sanitas, Central Bank of Armenia, Eurocontrol and many more will share their insights on cyber security trends and future predictions, teach you how to protect your company in the digital age and how to think like an attacker in order to stay secure.

Exclusive pre-conference hands-on workshops

Ioan-Cosmin Mihai, Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Trainer from the Center for Excellence in Fighting Cybercrime has prepared for you an all-you-can-learn workshop on investigating e-mail based attacks. The aim of this workshop is to present how to investigate the e-mail based attacks. The cyber-attacks will be described before the methods of e-mail based attacks investigation are discussed. The course will contain practical exercises that will require participants to conduct an examination of e-mail messages.

3 Stream. 3 Different Issues.

During the 2nd day, you will be able to build your own agenda according to your own needs. Mix and match different workshops, case studies and presentations. Which one will you choose?

Track A: A technical Surval Kit
Track B: The Strategic Cybersphere
Track C: Dedicated to Governments, Law- Enforcement

Start-up Competition

5 selected tech start-ups will take part in the Start-up Competition during the first day of the conference. In 6 short minutes, you can become a star in front of potential business partners. Each start-up will have 3 minutes to present their idea and 3 minutes to answer to the audience’s harsh questions. Do you have what it takes? Do you know a tech start-up which can benefit for this competition? Send us the profile and the Advisory Board will select the 10 most relevant start-ups for CyberCentral. The iUeMagazine team is delighted to work with this event as Online Media Partners & is expected to bring Unlimited Inspiration for all readers from the proceedings of this event. Staying tuned to the enriching updates from this event is recommended.

If you wish to know more about the program, speakers and topics, request your agenda and identify the sessions you want to focus on. But don’t stall. Reserve your seat today and pre-register for the workshops. In the meantime, join their online community on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

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