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Global Peace Convention 2017

Grab this opportunity to get inspired by exploring critical global issues, sharing best practices, and developing innovative and action-driven solutions, at the Global Peace Convention 2017, from the 28th of February to 3rd March, 2017 at Manila, Philippines.
The Global Peace Convention 2017 will bring together leading global experts and practitioners to share best practices and develop multi-sector partnerships for sustainable peace and development and the achievement of the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A combination of plenary and parallel sessions will provide an opportunity for participants to share, learn and collaborate on achieving a collective impact.
Global Peace Convention 2017
The GPC 2017 will follow the theme, ‘Moral and Innovative Leadership: New Models for Peace and Development.’ The high-profile convention will have participation of up to 1,500 leaders, including forums, networking, youth summit, awards gala and One Korea K-pop concert with 20,000 youth attending.

GPC 2017 will feature the Global Youth Summit, a celebration of youth leadership that aims to engage and inspire the world’s future experts. It creates a space for young people to share their ideas and utilize their diverse skill-sets, knowledge and networks to effectively address persistent problems of today.

Venue and Date: February 28 – March 3, 2017 at the Marriott Convention Center in Manila, Philippines.

Convention at a Glance:

- Corporate Citizenship and International Volunteerism: Global Peace Volunteers Assembly
- Education and Youth Entrepreneurship: Educating Global Citizens for a Global Workforce
- Ethical Investments in a Global Community: Global Peace Economic Forum
- Global Leaders Forum on Peace and Development
- Toward a Global Ethical Framework: Interfaith Leadership in Building a Shared Future
- Multi-Sector Partnerships Impacting the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals
- Countering Violent Extremism: Grassroots Peacebuilding in East Africa
- Women in Leadership: Peace, Security and Service

Sponsorship Opportunities: Global Peace Foundation is pleased to welcome public and private sector organizations as sponsors of this remarkable convention. Sponsors are an important and very visible part of the convention, and there are special sponsorship packages available that offer attractive benefits. This is a special opportunity to showcase the support of stakeholders from UN organizations, corporations, government and civil society entities to advance sustainable peace and development through moral and innovative leadership.

The Global Peace Convention 2017 is organized by Global Peace Foundation (GPF), a leading international non-profit organization that promotes a values-based approach to building sustainable peace and development at the community, national, and regional levels.  GPF convenes and implements development projects and conferences on grassroots peace-building, education, entrepreneurship, and youth leadership development. Global Peace Convention 2017 will convene a diverse community of peace-building practitioners, youth leaders, and experts in business, international development, and education for a unique opportunity to explore critical global issues, share best practices, and develop innovative and action-driven solutions to building peace and social cohesion while strengthening robust multi-stakeholder partnerships.

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