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5 Reasons that might be stopping you from switching to Organic food

There is abundant information about benefits of Organic Food available on all forms of media. However, there still remain some simple queries which prevent many people from taking action on it. There are simple answers to these simple doubts which I have addressed here in forms of common queries that arise and exist and what can be done about it or what the reality around those is.

1. Organic Food is expensive. Why should I pay a greater price, when food (not organic) is available for lesser?

For the same reason why you pay a doctor, when medicines are available with the chemists. It is necessary to know why you are consuming something, rather than just consuming it since it is available. Chemical based Pesticides and Fertilisers are poisonous and hence, when sprayed on food, it makes food more harmful than useful. Soil, by nature, is abundant in minerals and nutrients, and is meant to produce nutritious crops. When yield is increased through artificial practices, the overall nutritional value decreases. The conventional food items are hence not safe or as nutritive as they should be.

Organic farming is nothing but traditional way of farming itself, but using green manure and measures like crop rotation and others for ensuring better soil fertility. It should be known, that organic food is not expensive. In fact, conventional food is cheaper since there is increased produce, negligible storage challenges and almost zero certification cost. The cheaper produce is actually at the cost of the compromise our body goes through due of it. The impact of this compromise, can be easily seen in terms of frequency of young kids visiting the doctor as opposed to two generations earlier. So the question arises “Is this saving on food actually worth it?”

Switch to Organic food

2. How different  is Organic Food from what I eat?

It is claimed by many that Organic food tastes better. In my understanding, I feel that taste might not be the right indicator, as different people have different taste experiences & preferences. Organic food is definitely better in terms of purity. A certified Organic produce has not been exposed to any kind of harmful chemicals at any stage of its processing. It is more nutritive overall since the soil is allowed to regenerate its nutrients and minerals through natural practices in harmony with nature. It is softer on the stomach and easily digestible too.

3. I am normal & healthy even though I don’t eat Organic Food, why switch?

Everyone has some intrinsic physical and immune strength. When we consume chemical laden or synthetic food items, the body has to fight more than usual to digest the same. At times, the chemicals are not even digested. This means, not instantly, but as time progresses, the diet will start showing its effects. Our current health is an indicator of how well the body is fighting. But when inherent strength decreases, fighting diseases will become an uphill task. I am reminded of a story, wherein a frog is put in a pan of water & then the pan is placed on a burning stove. As the temperature rises, the frog’s body adjusts to it & he merrily keeps swimming. When temperature gets really high, the frog panics but does not have the strength to jump out of the pan.

4. I usually travel/eat out, how can I go about looking for organic food everywhere? Isn’t it useless to have Organic Food at home?

Habits usually don’t change overnight, you have to make a start somewhere. Instead of just letting go, we should control what goes on our plate, wherever we can. Many hotels, restaurants, schools and even hospitals have started serving organic food in India. As & when in future the demand increases, the number of such options is bound to increase. Leading dieticians and food experts are advising to switch to organic food on immediate basis. Hence, it makes sense to start now, when we are still quite healthy, instead of switching when it becomes a necessity.

5. How will I know it’s benefitting me?

It is not a medicine, but a preparation for better health in the long-term. The effects are not going to be visible immediately. Having said that, as soon as you switch completely to organic food, the body starts restoring itself to a more immune state. If the damage has been caused over long time it’s natural that the healing cannot be instantaneous. Better digestion, stronger immune system(hence lesser visits to the doctor) & greater physical strength are some of the parameters where changes are likely to get noticed.

One simple thought in the end, “Action can answer what knowledge cannot!”. Hope you start a new healthy habit today.

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Gaurav Agarwal
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