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Oil & Gas Kenya 2017: Shaping the Market of One of the World's Cheapest Oil Producers

Improving global crude oil prices has caused oil and gas exploration activities in Kenya and the East African region as a whole to rise as global confidence in the sector slowly continues to grow back!
Kenya has recently seen significant exploration success with a UK based oil and gas firm indicating oil reserves of over 700 million barrels in the country’s north western county of Turkana, in addition to existing off shore drilling sites.

The firm reports that the breakeven point for Kenya crude oil is around the $25 per barrel mark, including pipeline transportation costs to the sea port of Mombasa. This puts oil production in Kenya among the cheapest in the world, beating those of major regional exporters like Angola ($35.4) and Nigeria ($31.5).
25th February 2017
Lower production costs mean higher profit margins for the producers. With global rates crossing the $50 per barrel mark, this translates to huge profit margins for oil firms in the country. This also highlights the good returns on investment on offer in Kenya’s oil industry with it being able to survive sustained slumps in oil prices and still make a profit.

With the prime focus to shape this resurgence in the Kenyan oil and gas industry, the 6th edition of OIL & GAS Kenya will take place from 11th to 13th April, 2017 at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) in Nairobi.

The three day trade exhibition will witness the gathering of leading industry experts, stake holders and decision makers from over 24 countries discussing the latest market trends, investment opportunities and advancements in technology in the oil and gas sector.

Exhibiting firms include AIV EUROPE LTD (UK) dealing with exotic alloy and speciality pipeline valves; DELTA PIPE AND TUBE (UAE) dealing in corrosion control protective coatings, structural steel and heavy engineering products; AIUT SP. Z O.O. (Poland) providing complete metering, automation and process control solutions; WAROM TECHNOLOGY INC. (China) dealing with explosion proof light fittings and electrical apparatus and BRISTOL GASES (UAE), specialists in calibration mixtures and high purity gases. OIL & GAS Kenya 2017 is being organised by Expogroup, which has been organizing some of the largest international trade exhibitions in Africa. Since its inception 20 years ago, Expogroup has organized expos in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ghana and Nigeria; showcasing over 500+ companies from around the world and garnering record footfalls at each exhibition.

For more information on OIL & GAS KENYA 2017 please visit: www.expogr.com/kenyaoil

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