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Beginner's Guide to Buying Quality Cannabis

This article is for those countries/nations where consumption is legal and approved. In which case, even seasoned herb lovers can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the astounding variety of cannabis products on the market these days. Here's a simple guide to navigate you through all of this heavy traffic. Read ON!
Cannabis Guide For beginners, the task of judging quality buds can seem almost impossible. No worries. We've comprised this handy guide so that you can choose quality cannabis every time.

Smell Your Cannabis Flowers

The senses of smell and taste are linked. If something doesn't smell right, we instinctually choose not to eat it. This rule also applies to cannabis.

Quality cannabis should have a pungent, floral scent. This fragrance comes from the terpenes inside of the cannabis flowers. Besides being responsible for the fragrance, terpenes in cannabis work together with cannabinoids to help create the "entourage effect." The entourage effect helps all of the cannabinoids work more efficiently to produce the desired medicinal effects.

Foul odored or unscented cannabis has not been cured or stored properly. Overdried buds may seem odorless because the terpenes have been dried out of the flowers. Cannabis that has been overdried will be less potent and will taste harsh.

Never choose cannabis that has a musty or moldy scent. This usually means that the cannabis was not dried, cured or stored properly. Moldy buds will not only taste bad, but they could be harmful to your health. Some cannabis might smell "skunky" or extra-potent, but that's fine. Most importantly, you should always select cannabis flowers with a scent that appeals to you personally.

Visual Inspection and Texture

When selecting your buds, keep an eye out for certain visual clues, such as:

1. Color - Good quality cannabis flowers should exhibit shades of green with tiny rust-colored hairs. You may also see hints of purple in some strains. Never choose brown buds. Brown-colored buds can indicate overdried, moldy or aged cannabis. On the opposite end of the spectrum, bright lime-green buds may have been harvested too early. They will be lower in potency.
2. Crystals - Fresh and potent cannabis flowers will be covered with a light dusting of white crystals, called trichomes. Trichomes contain all of the active ingredients of the cannabis plant. Cannabis that lacks the white dusty coating will be flavorless and impotent. Never choose buds with crystals that have turned brown. Brown trichomes are clear indicators of old, weak cannabis.
3. Stems and seeds - An abundance of stems and seeds indicate that the cannabis was not cultivated carefully to maximize cannabinoid content. These buds will be weaker in effect than and not nearly as tasty as well-cultivated cannabis flowers.
In addition to a thorough visual inspection, you will want to check the texture of your cannabis. Quality cannabis should be dense and sticky to the touch. The inside of the buds should still be a bit spongy, indicating proper curing and storage. Pass on buds that crumble or break apart easily. Overdried or old cannabis will be lightweight and crumbly.

Cannabis Guide

Cannabis Strains

1. Cannabis sativa - Sativa strains usually contain a higher THC content. Herb connoisseurs choose sativa strains for their energetic and creative effects.
2. Cannabis indica - People looking for pain relief and relaxation usually choose indica strains.
3. CBD - Derived from the hemp variety of Cannabis sativa, CBD buds have extremely low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD allows users to receive the medical and anxiety-relieving benefits of cannabis without experiencing the psychoactive effects of THC-containing strains.
4. Hybrids - Cultivators often mix different cannabis strains for various effects.
Your local or online marijuana dispensary can tell you more about the different strains of cannabis and help you select a strain that will be right for your personal needs.

Social Proof

One of the best methods of choosing cannabis from an online company is social proof. A quality online dispensary will have years of experience providing medical cannabis to those who need it. Historically, the cannabis industry has been comprised of compassionate, socially responsible businesses. Look for businesses that have participated in legalization movements and have taken an active part in their communities. Most online cannabis dispensaries have staff available who will gladly answer any questions that you might have before you make your purchase.

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