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TiE Pune Continues its Entrepreneurship Engagement & Motivation

This time around they have done it through the My Story series even through the pandemic. They recently added another live event with Mini Menon, Co-Founder and Editor, Live History India. Read On.
Tie Pune

Pune 23 July 2020: The My story sessions (MSS) is a flagship event of TiE Pune, a non-profit global network that fosters entrepreneurship. Started a few years back, MSS was conceptualized with the objective of presenting the inspirational life stories of entrepreneurs, replete with its ups and downs, its successes and failures bringing to the fore, the stories in their entirety. Tie Pune has over the years for its members, through this very popular initiative invited popular and successful names.

Recently, MSS organized a live event with Mini Menon, co-Founder, and Editor, Live History India. In her successful career so far, Mini has bagged a number of awards, including the Rajiv Gandhi Award for Excellence, as a young achiever.

Mini delineated her journey from Miss India to her successful career in journalism for over the last 16 years where she covered both political and business news and then moved on to her present venture. After her initial job with TVi, she moved on to Star TV Network. She then worked with CNBC TV 18 as the news anchor for Goodlife. Prior to launching her current digital media venture – Live History India, she worked with Bloomberg TV India. For her current venture Live History India, she has teamed up with Akshay Chavan, who is the co-founder. In what might be termed as a clincher and very meaningful advice for all entrepreneurs, Mini emphasized the need to nurture one’s passion. Quoting her own example she said that she had blended her passion for history with her rich and practical experience in journalism, to establish Live History India.

Tie Pune

Her current venture is innovative and the first of its kind digital platform that creates and delivers globally benchmarked multimedia content on Indian history and cultural legacy. It brings together history, media, and technology on one common platform. While talking about challenges, she mentioned how it was a big challenge to create interesting and engaging content to attract Indians to a subject like history. This digital platform is working along with state governments to fuel the growth of India’s tourism industry. Both she and her co-founder believe that one need not be a history student, to appreciate and understand Indian history and culture, so through their endeavor of using modern digital programs and creating conversations, they could recreate experiences, to reach every Indian. Their team works with the best minds which include archaeologists, historians, and journalists who together help in reviving the best works on history which leads to a public awareness program that proves very helpful in restoring the Indian heritage.

Her insightful talk reiterated the importance of love and passion for entrepreneurs in whatever they choose to do. Her success mantra is defined by curiosity, practicality, and hard work coupled with the right attitude. While accepting the fact that making money is important for an entrepreneur, she emphasized that it should not be the sole purpose. It should be fuelled by passion.

The session was moderated by Vinay Nathan, CEO, and Co-founder, Altizon. Ramesh Mirakhur, Chair - My Story TiE Pune, delivered the vote of thanks.
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