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Sex and Creativity

That sex is beneficial is an undeniable fact. What not many people know is that it also opens the doors of your mind, helping to awaken your imagination and improve your perceptiveness and creativity. Read ON to learn how.

Sex and Creativity If your work consists of undertaking creative or artistic tasks and you find yourself blocked, there’s nothing better than sex to remove inhibitions. If you don’t have to use your creativity, sex still relaxes you and increases your awareness.

Eroticism has always been linked to pleasure, and pleasure brings us calm and happiness. Enjoying good sex is scientifically proven to increase your empathy. Physical contact, feeling a connection to another person, helps you feel better and more inspired. Painters, sculptors, musicians, and artists of all kinds throughout history have sought their muse. In every age, since ancient Greece, artists have looked to sex for inspiration, and in contemporary art, eroticism is still present to this day. Sexuality is the greatest natural stimulus to our brains that exists; there are also psychotropic plants and substances that stimulate and alter our cognitive functions, but good sex has no side effects and doesn’t give you a hangover.

No matter where you are, whether it’s for work, leisure or simply to switch off, you probably have the chance to enjoy your sexuality. If you’re far away from your usual environment, it’s easier to feel free to enjoy yourself more openly, with no taboos. In the UK, cities such as Birmingham place the company of select escorts within your reach, so if you’re planning on traveling there, it shouldn’t be difficult to include some pleasure tourism in your itinerary.

Sex and Creativity We’ve all heard the phrase “Make love, not war”. This wise refrain shows us that eroticism frees us from our darkest thoughts and desires, giving way to a much better mental state. Everyone likes to enjoy themselves and feel pleasure, so what better entertainment than sex.

It’s much easier to sleep after having sex. Reaching orgasm puts you into a happy, sleepy state. Sleeping after sex can give you revealing, lucid and transcendent dreams. Many works of art, paintings, poems, and songs have been created thanks to this state of semi-unconsciousness, which is undoubtedly the best way to feel illuminated.

Apart from the fact eroticism awakens creativity and inspiration, it also has multiple health benefits. Sex burns calories, and many people don’t like to go to the gym, walking or jogging.

Good sex, focused in a fun way, can burn the same calories as the aforementioned activities. A study carried out by the University of Montreal in Canada showed that men burn on average around 101 calories during intercourse. To come to this conclusion, experts took the average duration of a sexual encounter, of around twenty-five minutes, as a reference. If you like having sex for longer, you’re in luck, as you’ll be burning even more calories.

Sex and Creativity Sex can also strengthen your heart and regulate your blood pressure. Similarly, if you have an illness, sex always helps to reduce pain. If you have intercourse more often, you’ll be helping your body to increase your fertility.

Intimate contact with other people boosts your immune system. According to a recent study from the magazine Psychological Reports, having sex once or twice a week helps improve your defenses. Intercourse helps prevent common illnesses such as colds, as having contact with another body helps your system to produce antibodies that protect you from viruses and other types of microorganisms and bacteria.
If you enjoy quality sex often and complement it with a balanced diet, constant physical exercise, and good daily rest, you should enjoy very strong health. It’s also scientifically proven that having quality sex prevents prostate cancer. Also, if you suffer from stress or anxiety, there’s no more natural and beneficial way than sex to release inner tension.

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