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A Beginner’s Guide to Business Card Design

Are you thinking of printing your own business cards? Here’s a short guide that can help you print the best ones! Read ON!

Business Card Design Just because business cards are a simple and traditional way of marketing your business, does not mean that you cannot have a modern and aesthetic-looking design.

Through exploring diverse shapes, sizes, designs, styles, and finishes, you can distribute your business card and get the desired impact you’re looking for. Conventional business cards do not go out of style especially if you do them right.

Let's look at a few ways through which you can design and print your business card:

What Should A Business Card Contain?

In practical terms, your business card should answer the following:

  • Who are you?
  • What designation do you hold?
  • How can your client get back to you?
  • Do you have any social media platforms they can visit?
These are the basics you need to get right before you dive into creativity and design.

What Should A Business Card Look Like?

The shape of a business card is incredibly important. Even though there is no harm or stepping outside the box, there are some standardized dimensions that you can also follow.

Standard Business Cards

The classic dimension is 85 x 55 millimeters. In traditional sectors, you will find formal business cards to be of this particular size.

Mini Business Cards

These types of business cards are 85 x 25 millimeters which are just enough space to highlight all important information.

Long Business Cards

Long business cards are anywhere around 90 x 55 millimeters. They have a standard height but are extended by 1/2 an inch. They do stand out among other business cards and give you more space to put in information. However, they are not found in traditional business sectors especially law and finance.

What Should Your Business Card Design Layout Look Like?

When it comes to design layout, you should always look for ways to make your business card stand out. Since it's a piece of brand marketing, do not be afraid of embracing creative and unique ideas. Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

Colour Scheme

If you already have a brand in place, you should have an existing color scheme to work with. It is very important for your business card to be consistent with your brand image because you want the clients to be able to associate your brand representation through what you give them in their hands.

Try thinking along the lines of colors that complement your brand image. You can also opt for two shades of the same color, where one could be dark, and one could be light to create a more aesthetic brand image.

Business Card Design A variety of colors can also create a bold statement, but monochrome does it so much better. Black and white business cards have an impact of their own. If this image goes along with what you are trying to represent through your brand, then a monochromatic look is a great way to go.

If you do not have a color scheme in mind, you can ask yourself if you are going for something cool and calm, or something incredibly vibrant. If you are looking to create something different from others in the field, you can take a look at their color schemes and try to decipher what hasn’t been done yet.

Business Card Texture and Finishes

The kind of paper stock and finish you give to your business card can make all the difference. Here are a few business card finishes that you can choose from:


A matte finish on a business card has been popular for many years. It's a common finish that gives you a super clean and timeless statement.

Gold Or Silver Foil

If you want an eye-catching look, you can go for a metallic effect and choose from gold or silver foils. Not only does this add elegance, but it accentuates the beauty of the logo or the writing.


Perhaps the most widely used, glossy business cards are stylish and beautiful because they can make your brand stand out in a crowd. Not only are they aesthetic, but they are also a great way to preserve the longevity of your business cards.

The Bottom Line Creating a business card for your brand or company is super simple as long as you follow a proper color scheme and aesthetic. To make sure your business card’s design stands out, include relevant information. Besides your name, designation, and contact details, consider adding social media icons and handles too.

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