ICON of the MONTH - August 2014
The icon of the month is an individual whose influence is an inspiration in itself. A creative, innovative, perseverant, enthusiastic individual, someone with enough patience to battle out to victory is a personality close to being a perfect fit for this title.

NJ Bharath Kumar, IUeMag ICON of the MONTH August 2014

NJ Bharath Kumar
Distractions of modern age, struggles of family, financial crunches and dark tunnels of life are the reasons why some people speak when failure comes to their doorstep, but for some people they don't even count. One such leader is Bharath Kumar NJ who says, "It's will power that made me climb the ladder of Success".

We are extremely delighted to have Bharath Kumar NJ as the IUeMAG ICON of the MONTH for August - 2014.

Bharath Kumar NJ is pursuing his graduation in the stream of computer science from AMC College of Engineering. Born and brought up in a very small town named Challakere Bharath Kumar NJ knew not what his dreams were but chose to explore every opportunity that came his way. At a very young age he was responsible for spreading awareness on ill-effects of plastics, pollution and blind beliefs about Solar Eclipse as a part of which he happened to impact more than 600 people in his village. He was also selected for the National Level of Awareness Drive Campaign which was held in Madhya Pradesh.

Bharath passed out of I3 as a true IUite successfully executing projects week after week for 14 weeks, reaching out to more than 2000 people. He was responsible for literating 70 plus kids in Manava Charity Orphanage on basics of Computers and Internet. He single-handedly collected 2500+ one-sided sheets and donated about 450 IU One Sided Notebooks to students in government schools.

Dedication towards his work and humble character make him a unique individual. Bharath dreams to be an entrepreneur and wishes to contribute to the society in every manner possible.

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