ICON of the MONTH - July 2014
The icon of the month is an individual whose influence is an inspiration in itself. A creative, innovative, perseverant, enthusiastic individual, someone with enough patience to battle out to victory is a personality close to being a perfect fit for this title.

Suraj HM, IUeMag ICON of the MONTH July 2014

Suraj HM
Suraj HM is a student of Computer Science. He is currently working with Global Institute of Management Studies with its R& D Section. In addition to being passionate about western dance, he is also a Drummer and a Rhythm-ist. His fingers bring out magic when they choose to play Tabla, Mrudangam (An Instrument of Indian Origin), Drums and Congo.

His dreams begin with starting a University that can bring in a difference in the education sector and to the lives of people at large. He is a true visionary who believes in Hard Work more than luck. Currently, he is also an event Manager at Credence Robotics which is a venture committed towards giving technical solutions for the Humanitarian Challenges and empowering education through practical learning for students.

He passed out as a true IUite in his journey of I3 (I3 is a conference based program and a change driven platform) He was nominated as the Delegate of the Week thrice because of the Impacts that he created in the apprentice level tasks at I3.

IUeMAG is extremely proud to have him as the ICON of the MONTH for July - 2014.

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