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Let’s Build A Home Gym

Sometimes a home gym could be the best option for you on your fitness journey for many reasons. Here's what will give you an idea why! Read ON!
First, the modern world is a very busy place and the issues of life can interrupt your training schedule. You may want to have a home gym as a kind of back up plan just in case your boss, spouse or children get in the way of your regular training. Trust us you will be thankful for that. Another reason closely related to the first is the situation where you are so busy that it may be difficult to drive down to a regular gym. A home gym is a great alternative in this case. In fact, some home gym equipment gives you the option of multitasking hence, making it easy for you to do some work while working out. Another reason is that you may want to get rid of all the distractions and really focus on your workouts.

Home Gym In a regular gym, there are a lot of distractions from pretty girls walking around in half-naked training suits for the men to the overly friendly Joe who is more interested in having a chat than hitting it on the gym to the extremely rude guy who is aggressively trying to ask you for a date for the ladies. A home gym gives you the opportunity to focus on your workout. Also, a home gym gives you some privacy.
You can do whatever you want. You do not have to queue up to use that bench press which tends to be overused by gym users. Also, for some people who are on a budget, you can set up a low budget home gym to help you stay on track on your fitness. A great blog to look at if you want to start your home gym is Fitnessator.

Let’s take you through some of the requirements for starting a home-based gym and how Fitnessator can help you with that.

Requirements for starting a home gym:

Starting a home-based gym is based on two major things (there may be more but we can only think of two right now) – your exercise goals (lose weight, gain muscle or both?) and your budget. No matter your goals you have limited resources so you have to optimize your resources in a way that you reach your goals without squeezing yourself financially. Let’s look at some basic requirements for a home gym.

The layout: This is a very important aspect of planning a home gym. You need enough space for a workout. You need some well adjustable racks for your exercises besides keeping in mind that the space does not have to take up other important areas of your house. It is also good to consider that for a low ceiling home, the titan t2 short power rack would be a great option for you. Your space will also determine what kind of equipment you can use in your home gym. Since you may be dropping a lot of heavy metal on the floor, you may also want to get a quality gym floor material like commercial grade foam flooring. This will prevent damage to the floor of your house. You do not need this if you want to turn your gym space to a museum to show off your bodybuilding journey (which we don’t think is really necessary and may bore your kids to death). So, get a freaking floor. You could look this up in Amazon or any other good website. Remember to check their reviews before buying.

Barbells, dumbbells, and EZ bars/curl bars: Yes, you really need them, unless you want to do purely calisthenics. However, if you get a low-quality one it could be a real pain (at times literally as you can get physically injured due to exercise mishaps). To avoid low-grade barbells why not read more about weight bells and adjustable dumbbells on the Fitnessator website? They even tell you some of the best quality barbells you can get at affordable prices.

Benches: you will need a bench to sit while doing your exercises, and also to rest your back while doing some serious exercises like bench press and so on. A bad quality bench could give way while you are working out. There are some crucial things to look out for when trying to get a bench. We cannot cover all in this article, so, check out Fitnessator for more information about benches.

Racks: Racks help you hold your weights while you are doing some exercises like benching and squatting. They act like spotters in the gym and make exercises more convenient and even possible. You need some well adjustable racks for your exercises. Fitnessator has some quality information on racks for your home gym.

Cardio equipment: If you want to lose weight, cardio is also important for you. From rowing machines to elliptical machines, Fitnessator has all sort of information on different equipment, their specs, and affordability. You may want to look up this site for more information on these products.

A take on Fitnessator: Well, you would know by now that we like the work of the people at Fitnessator. They not only have information on various equipment, but they also have nice exercise regimens you can use to bulk up your muscles and a lot of scientific-based advise. Also, their blog keeps updating regularly so you can check out some of their blogs regularly for more information.

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