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The Never Ending Musical Journey of Vidhushi Bhagya Lakshmi

"Age is a mere number for learning." This statement holds true in the inspiring journey of Vidhushi Bhagya Laksmi, A passionate singer, who has participated in hundreds of concerts all around India and has written and tuned about 15 songs on goddess Vasavi and lord Sai Baba spontaneously on spot.
Mrs Bhagya Laksmi was born in a middle class, joint family, where her parents never compromised on the comforts and disciplines offered to their children. She was lucky enough to be blessed with a lucrative childhood which got her close to the typical south Indian traditions including, listening to stories narrated by her grandmother. She was interested in music right from her early childhood as her father was also a musician. She sang film songs, always won prizes at school and was keen towards music and also taught her classmates quite a lot of songs. Being the eldest among her siblings, she was responsible about managing and looking after her siblings. She enjoyed herself in the family which led a contented life.
Vidhushi Bhagya Lakshmi
During her wedding interview, on listening to this talent’s vocal skills, her mother-in-law became the reason for marking a start to her official music training at the age of 30. Being a home maker, she had to play the role of a wife, daughter-in-law, student, also had a defined balance in her personal and professional ends, yet not compromising on the zeal, she implemented creative techniques of recording what her teacher sung and later practicing at home to learn better. She successfully completed her junior, senior and vidhwat grades in classical music with her family’s complete support and encouragement. Concurrently, she learnt devotional songs from Smt. Sharadamma, who awakened the feel of devotion, embedded in songs which result into tears. “To feel the emotion completely while listening for the first time, understand how to learn the song the next time and then finally sing” was well learned lesson from this teacher of hers.

Dr. Shachi Devi, was her next guru from whom, she attained the peak understanding of swara sthana (voice service), raga (melodic mode) and shruti (smallest interval of pitch), which made her realize the real musical essence. The underlying truth of music causes the singer to attain blissful salvation. And this divine happiness is not equivalent to any worldly comforts. “Dedication, determination, hunger to learn more, consistent practices, trying continuously, are the keys to success” says Mrs. Laksmi, who succeeded as a teacher, guiding more than 400 students, who won various titles, awards and some of who have already become music instructors. One such instance is when her students stood second in “Annamacharyula Keertanalu” competition, judged by Dr S P Balasubramanyam; teams from all around Karnataka participated.

Music, according to her is an art form which is the best feasible way to reflect and express every emotion. Music not just makes the singer happy, but also the audience. Raga has got the healing power to cure human deformities and diseases. Music is her ‘forever companion’ which is from nature and given back to nature and the singer singing is a puppet show governed by god. She has been actively contributing and serving the field of music for 20 solid years and still wants to learn more and guide people into the right path. Her incredible gain is experiencing true feeling of joy when the listener is ornamented with smile after listening to her melody. “I have done nothing but brought out the already present talent, learning attitude in a student and shaped it.” says the generous lady.

Mentor is the power who cultivates the learning spirit and guides you at every instance. Learnings obtained without a mentor maybe temporary. Gaining understanding in anything without a teacher is similar to walking in an unknown, dark path all alone. She has been titled Swara Kogile, Gaana Kogile, Prathibanvita Sadhaki and many others. She has her place in TTD, ISKON and also as an examiner for junior, senior and vidhwat grades in Carnatic music conducted by state government. She explores to teach brand new songs making her students win.

The pure happiness she obtains is the inspiration for her to achieve rigorously though she started late. “Through the teaching process, I learn from my students who in turn become my teachers, thereby creating a healthy competitive learning. As a teacher, I expect implementations of lessons and application of success formulae which further results in every student’s progress” stated the nightingale.

Her message to all the musicians out there: “Do not misuse this priceless art, rather respect it and take it forward in a non-contaminated way. Maintain the purity in the art form and make it available to the public, irrespective of their financial statuses. Providing discounts in the fees, like how I do, would help the financially weak.”

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