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WECETS - The Summit for the Youth

What are the areas of growth, enthusiasm and innovations? What are the sectors for the youth? What are the occasions for the youth to experiment and innovate? Youth need platforms for connectivity, where are such platforms? Let's share with the future-makers the events, which are the occasions for the future-makers to meet and share experiences.
Youth of today need opportunities in emerging sectors to do something new, something impact making. The youth of today has tremendous energy, positive thinking, Emerging sectors also depict the youthfulness and therefore they are the sectors, which should be the targets for the youth. These are the sectors, where there are umpteen opportunities for innovation, creativity, and growth. These are the sectors, where demand exceed supply, where opportunities exceed the resources and where creativity is always welcome.
WECETS - The Summit for the Youth
December and January months are the months of events. Plenty of international summits and conferences take place during this time. This duration is the best duration for event participation. Youth should immerse in opportunity searching, networking and linkage building for creating their dream spaces. Events are not just occasions, they are the opportunities for the youth to craft their
career and connect with decision makers.

One such event for the youth is WECETS ( World Education, Career, Entertainment and Tourism Summit (WECETS) is scheduled from 19 to 21 January in Birla Auditorium, Jaipur. In this first summit of the annual series, the events will provide a platform to various thinkers, writers, administrators and a great opportunity to students to interact with
planners and academicians. The event is a unique blend of three emerging sectors – education, entertainment and tourism. Innovative and new career opportunities are at display. Attractive tourism opportunities world-wide are to be shared and explored. Ambassadors from different countries will have a chat with the youth to share their countries perspectives. The event is also giving a space for young filmmakers for showcasing their films. The summit is designed and planned by Mr. Ashish Sharma and his team under the aegis of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Shubhek Enterprises Jaipur. This summit is designed in consultations with many academicians and planners (I feel proud to be in the team of advisors). Although it is the first attempt, yet it is a true confluence of academicians, planners, administrators and innovators. The different events  are so designed to give youth the opportunities to interact with those who have a feel of the present and an intuition of the future. Youth are likely to benefit from their involvement in every event within this summit.

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
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