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Kindness is Contagious

People have known that laughter is contagious since times immemorial, and we all know this to be true. But do you what else is contagious? Yes, yawning! This article isn't about laughter or yawning! It's about how kindness is contagious, read on.
Remember the last time you ran into a bunch of strangers who were laughing heartily, and it brought a smile to your face? Which is why you've probably read loads of articles where everyone tells you to smile, since a smile only spreads smiles. So you either in all probability dutifully started to smile and laugh more after hearing of its benefits, or you belong to that category of people who're generally happy people. Either ways, you know how laughter is contagious, and how difficult it is to stop laughing once that laughter sets in!
Today, I want to bring to your notice something you already know subconsciously, but may not have realised it consciously- that acts of kindness, are contagious. Have you ever seen a girl help a blind person cross a road? Have you ever met a stranger at the church who said prayers for you with great fervour? Have you ever had a neighbour who dropped by when you needed them- in times of sickness? Have you ever watched a friend or a colleague buy food for the poor? Of course you have, because you're human. Recollect how you felt at that point of time. You felt happy. You felt inspired. You felt happy because your faith in humanity is restored each time you see people do random acts of kindness without expecting anything in return. The human brain is wired this way, to feel happy when you can give away something- and FYI, this giving away of something in the form of service and time is always a more rewarding experience than giving away money! Next, you feel inspired, you want to do something good, you want to help someone out, because that's just how we're wired. In all probability, you will be kind the very next time you get an opportunity to be so, and this is just a never ending chain!
If you are kind to your subordinate at work, your subordinate in turn will probably be kind to his family who aren't quite understanding. If you are kind to a stranger on the road, you probably would've been noticed by lots of people around, who in turn will make an effort to be of any help the next time they get a chance. An act of kindness isn't just a single act, it is an act that can inspire and move those around you, it is viral. Be kind, be contagious!

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Sandhya Nagaraj
Sandhya Nagaraj is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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