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The IOT Solutions World Congress - A unique event focused on vertical markets

The IOT Solutions World Congress will be held at Gran Via Exhibition Centre, Barcelona, on 25-27 October, 2016). Organized by Fira de Barcelona, in partnership with the Industrial Internet Consortium, this is the first event worldwide that focuses on IoT Solutions in real-world scenarios, across vertical industries.
The rise of the internet and advances in telecommunications, hardware and software have now given us the possibility to connect everything. According to predictions, there will soon be billions of objects collecting, processing and sharing information on the net. Experts say that connecting the unconnected in the next decade will generate trillions of dollars. The Internet of things is opening up a new world of possibilities for society as well as creating infinite business opportunities for the IT industry.
The IOT Solutions World Congress
As one of the most important springboards for business in the world, Fira de Barcelona is actively working to bridge the gap between technology and industry. Events such as the Smart City Expo and the Mobile World Congress, are hosted by Fira de Barcelona.

The IOT Solutions World Congress is the next great commitment to innovation for this institution. The event will bring together international thought leaders and technology organizations to showcase the latest innovations and solutions available in the Internet of Things (IoT). 

A benchmark event

The objective of this second edition is to attract 8000+ international IoT decision makers, 3500+ senior level attendees to the conferences and the exhibition area, 200+ Industry, Operations and Technology Speakers.

Advisory Committee and tracks

Along with the Industrial internet Consortium (IIC), the IOT Solutions World Congress is developing contents and a scientific approach of the event in collaboration with an Advisory Committee comprised of 12 representatives from the leading Industrial Internet companies (Accenture, General Electric, Intel, and many others) as well as representatives of the IIIC. These are the featured tracks of this second edition of the IOT Solutions World Congress:

Energy & Utilities

Energy consumption and advanced energy production, including more efficient consumption in buildings and optimized electricity grid operations.
The IOT Solutions World Congress

Monitoring, modelling, remote control and automation of medical equipment, diagnostics and treatment. 


Production processes throughout the supply chain, replenishment and tracking, robotics, etc.

Transportation & Logistics

Industrial Internet applications for operators, drivers and facilities to prevent unplanned equipment failure, crash prevention technologies, speed optimization for exact distribution chain timing, and automatic traffic re-routing; autonomous vehicles, etc.

Innovation & Technology

Applications of new technologies and processes that improve operations and bring new experiences for transformational results.

Topics include Big Data, Analytics, Storage, Protocols, the Cloud and Security.

Business Transformation

Changing Business Models, Developing New Revenue Streams, Workforce Transformation, IT/OT Convergence, Finance & Funding, Sales Methodologies, New Service Models, How To Invest and Deploy IIoT

Keynotes, testbeds and networking activities

This is the unique event to showcase live demonstrations of testbeds that allow you to experience the Industrial IoT in action. Additionally the event will offer several Networking activities: 

The IoT is no longer the future, but our present. All industries will follow this technological evolution. Attending the IoT Solutions World Congress is a key step to be part of the leading companies in the new business trends.

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