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Angryengine Technologies

Every idea that has revolutionised the world was once a dream in someone's mind. Here are the youngsters of Vizag who turned their dreams into reality and formed the first start-up to be incubated by the Government in their state
The advancement of technology has given the world a new height. The process of making things online has entered a new era for development tending to make things easier for the society. This technology stuff is no less in terms of providing the same flexibility and the same comfort, what the three B. Tech students of Gitam University have done. Angryengine Technologies was founded by three B. Tech students J Ranjith Nagendra Kumar, K Ravi Teja, S Sidharth of Gitam University, Visakhapatnam. Their start-up is the first company which was incubated in sunrise start-ups in association with Government of Andhra Pradesh. Let's go to the roots of the company.

The three classmates in their first year of B. Tech wanted to do some technical work just out of interest. So, within a day they got an idea of developing a tech site www.etechzombie.com
which provides solutions to the users of Windows and Android. Within 6 months the page views raised to 12000.
Angryengine Technologies
The stepping stone of Angryengine was instigated. They founded their company in their class room and the name was finalized. They wanted to develop a social network for artists with all unique features. However, they didn’t have enough technical know-how about development of a social network website. 

First things first, they thought of a service based company which develops websites for small scale companies like restaurants, supermarkets etc., which can bridge the large gap between the consumers and the small scale organisations. In due course of time they gained the required knowledge for deploying social network site. They used to go around the city and knocked 500 doors, but hardly one out of 100 turned up as their clients. They broadly classified their customers into two types: One is ‘They already have a website’ and the second - ‘They don't need a website for their businesses. This idea makeover gave them a great learning experience and a chance to revitalize themselves and a much needed boost to come up with a better plan.

When they were in their pre-final year they initiated the development of their social network www.rocktheshow.com which brings all artists under a single umbrella. The site features learning hub, discussion forum, market place (basically, links talented people with talent seekers), contests and a place to showcase their works, which can help the artists to go a long way in their professional career. 

In September 2014, they came to know about the inception of incubation centre in Visakhapatnam by the Government to encourage start-ups. It provides infrastructure, mentorship as well as linking with venture capitalists. Earlier, they were planning to join hands with Kerala start-up village after completion of their B. Tech. Luckily, destination approached them and the incubation centre opened in Visakhapatnam itself. They applied for sunrise start-ups and presented them 3 ideas:

1. Rocktheshow which brings all artists under a single umbrella.

2. Medical e-commerce which delivers regular medicine dosage especially for senior citizens and ladies who are in a family within a day for lesser cost.

3. Air brick which links all household workers around them like painters, plumbers, carpenters etc. Their application was accepted and they were the first company to be incubated. Ranjit shares, "Taking MOU papers from the IT minister with media focusing on us and IT secretary wishing us all the best seemed to be a dream which boosted our confidence."

They also got a Microsoft Bizzspark status by which they are getting mentorship from Microsoft as well. They can use $6000 worth software every month and also free server space.
The deployment of the coveted site www.rocktheshow.co has given them immense confidence and the power to bring their thoughts into light. The medical e-commerce is a great idea in itself to start up with and this techie portal is still in its initial phase of development and is looking for serious directions and energetic venture capitalists to fuel the work. The same is the case with Air brick- the online household workers portal, which will enable people to connect directly with the household workers as mentioned above with a single click. This idea is moreover unique and has a good amount of contribution to be made available for the society. These path breaking techie ideas which once used to be dreams, hailed their way forward to pioneering the success. However, to take these initiatives to the next level, the young leaders seek the persuasion of the venture capitalists. These young leaders say,"The right directions and the perseverance will definitely help us hit the success door in this online world with some serious advisories from the board of mentors and venture capitalists."

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J Ranjith Nagendra Kumar
J Ranjith Nagendra Kumar is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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