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The Sweetest thing in the world: Communication

Do you want to make your and others lives more beautiful? Here are ten simple steps to achieve your objective just by speaking...
The world is full of difficulties and miseries for some in spite of all the resources, while some are able to enjoy even the most difficult moments. People like Nick Vujicic, who is able to enjoy every moment and spread happiness (Mr. Nick Vujicic is a physically challenged person; he doesn’t have hands and legs). Those of us who are able to acquire the art of living, are able to smile and spread happiness all around us. Communication is an amazing art of living that we all can and should possess. It is one such remedy that can solve every problem and create positive outcome out of any situation. However, not many people are able to take the best out of this amazing art.

Entire human life can be spent learning the art of communication, because it is the most important art that we can possess. I would like to share 10 points of my observations on this amazing art.

1. Take initiative

Most of us are hesitant and we don’t come forward to greet others. A warm smiling greeting can break the ice and enable us to establish a warm communication. Who will take the initiative? Don’t wait, just take the lead.
2. Create commonality

Communication requires “Common”. We cannot communicate with another person, if we are not able to create a ‘common ground’. Communication requires us to create an expertise in the art of creating common ground. If we are talking to a child, we have to talk about games and objects of interest of the child. Similarly, if we are talking to an old person, we have to pick up issues of interest of the old person.  

3. Wait for the facts to appear

Most of us often take hurried judgment without collecting required facts. A mother kept her pet dog beside her little child and went out. When she returned back, she saw blood in the mouth of the dog. She thought that the dog might have killed her little child. Without knowing the facts, she killed the dog. Later, she came to know that the dog had killed a snake, which was trying to bite her son. “Hurry and Worry” most be avoided.

4. Control your anger, frustration and negativity

Most of us are ordinary human beings unable to control our emotions. Most of us fail to control our anger, excitement, frustration and this failure can spoil our relations with other people. Situations are very complex and beyond comprehension.

5. Speak from Heart

When you talk to a person from your heart, your body language and your tone also get influenced and all these work together to create a positive relationship.

6. Learn to use respectful language

People of Jodhpur and Bikaner use the word “Sa” after everyone. “Sa” is Rajasthani word, and it shows great respect, showing that the other person is a very important person; it is similar to Hindi word “Ji”. However, this simple word can create a positive relationship with other people.
7. Listen and encourage others to speak out

Most of us love speaking, but we are not prepared to listen to others. If we have to listen to an elderly person, we have to have the skill of active listening. Active listening is to paraphrase important points and encouraging other person to speak out. Most people are not comfortable in listening to others. They want to listen to only something of their interest and avoid any communication where the other person is sharing her/his personal concerns. Thus, we all have to learn and practice the art of active listening.

8. Use colorful words

Words cannot be colourful. However, words represent idea and objects. If we can pick up words, which represent really impressive and beautiful objects we shall be able to make a better connection with other people. We shall be able to inspire others and enable them to understand what we are willing to talk.

9. Use positive assurances

Most people are doubtful or fearful about future. The uncertain future is uncertain for everyone alike, but some are able to create a positive confidence and are able to remain happy creating a positive picture of future in their mind, while there are others, who keep crying waiting for a dark future. Use your power of imagination and the art of communication to create a positive framework for future so that people have “Hopes” and not “fears”.

10. Learn to appreciate

A lady asked her husband to identify six mistakes in her. The husband sought some time. In the evening, the husband returned with six flowers and stated that he could not find any mistake, but he found dozens of appreciable qualities in her. The positive appreciations of good qualities in the lady further cemented their relationships and re-filled the zeal to excel in both of them. This is the simple fact of life that we take things for granted and rarely appreciate the people who are closest to us. Let us learn to appreciate everyone around us and let us create the ‘sweetest’ thing for them to remember – our appreciations.

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazin

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