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Farm Fresh Vegetables

With the conversion of agricultural lands into barren lands used for construction of apartments and business infrastructure, the amount of crops produced is also reducing in our country leading to high prices of food items. The culture has to reverse for the survival of the mankind. Here is one such pioneer of this task.
Farm Fresh Vegetables

"Have you paused even briefly to think about the food we eat? Here, food refers to farm produce and specifically to fresh produce "Vegetables & Fruits". During my several visits to a lot of countries like USA, Singapore and UAE, I was surprised to see such high quality of vegetables and fruits that the consumers had to choose from- very fresh, very inviting and so tasty. They seem to living up to - Eat Fresh. Eat Healthy," shares Mr. Suresh Iyer.

Suresh Iyer continues saying, "That is when I decided to turn a farmer and grow vegetables and deliver to homes, and thus was born Akshaya Farm to Home India Pvt. Ltd. Launched on 16th Dec 2012, is where customers log-in and place their weekly vegetable basket orders. Our prices are fixed for a year and that is where the customers get benefitted. It’s close to two and half years now, carrying out more than 130 deliveries to customers week after week after week. It has been an exhilarating and fulfilling experience. The customers’ happy faces and the expectancy with which they await the weekly baskets is a reason for smile on our faces."
Farm Fresh Vegetables
"We are different from others in the sense that, currently, we grow about 10 varieties of vegetables at our leased farm, and there are plans to grow varieties moving forward. There is so much of learning, about farming, about vegetables, about customer habits and consumption. We have also started operations in Mysore through our franchise partner which is operational for one year now," says Mr. Suresh Iyer with glee on his face.

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Suresh Iyer
Suresh Iyer is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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