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Kill the monotony! Less routine brings more life

The writer puts forth questions that you can either address or ignore. And if indeed you choose to address them, you would see that zest and zeal are not to be zipped away but are meant to be let free like in zero gravity! What's your choice?
Do you know what different you did in last 2 days? Last 2 weeks? Or last 2 months? Most of us would be stuck here and realize that we did nothing except following the same routine. Woke up in the morning, went to office for 9 hours job, worked hard to accomplish our targets, came back home, had dinner and slept. This is how we are spending this beautiful life. 

Is this how we used to be when we were kids? Did we ever realize as kids that we are the ones going to kill this kid, the passion, the zest, and the dreams inside us?

Although routine is required to some extent, as it creates structure, it makes your life more ordered. But it has its downside; it kills excitement, makes your life less adventurous, and makes you less passionate to pursue your inner desires.
Less routine brings more life
Most of us grow up, find a job, get married, have children and unfortunately with the flow of life, we let ourselves dwell into the ocean of monotony. It is very important to understand the root of this monotony life. It comes from our very basic conditioning. As a child, when we desire to push the boundaries and try newer experiences, our parents stop us and ask to remain in the boundaries. Although this is required, as kids need to understand the limits and must get right guidance from parents, sometimes breaking the boundaries in the right manner can create incredible results. Thus, we must teach our kids the difference between right and wrong to an extent, but should not stop them to try newer ways to go beyond the boundaries, while keeping an eye on them. This makes our mind conditioned with the fact that trying something new and different out of the boundaries cannot be always harmful, but can bring amazing results and keep us lively, curious, and passionate.

How to kill this monotony?

You do not need to make adjustments to your current plans, career and family. But what you need is to be more loving towards you own selves. How much time do you spend with yourself alone? How much time do you talk to yourself? You need to connect with yourself, analyze what you truly desire, what is going on in your life, how is your satisfaction level with the current life you are living, and what are those ways which can make positive changes in your life. The answer is there inside you, and you are the only one who can discover those answers and make your life fulfilled and more meaningful.

Take out 30 minutes from your schedule in the morning before you start your day to meditate and to talk to yourself. Analyze your deep hidden desire which was suppressed by you while you were busy fulfilling your responsibilities and running in the race of competitions. Once you analyze that deep desire or your passion, take some time in a day to pursue that passion. If you cannot pursue it professionally now, pursue it as your hobby; whether it’s music, dance, travel, acting or anything. You have the time to pursue your desire, and you can never feel tired pursuing that, try it! Do it in front of your family, get feedback from them, and they will help you get more and more polished, on the other side, it will also increase your bond with your family and kids. Spend time with family, kids, go out for a walk. Plan an outing on weekends with family. Socialize with your friends, go out for dinner with your loved ones, take out a little time at the workplace to appreciate others. Appreciation makes you feel happier. Appreciate your mother at home, your wife. Where blaming and cribbing makes you stressful and frustrated, appreciation release all your stress and makes you feel calmer and loved by others.

The above techniques will help you be more focused at the workplace and reduce your working hours. You work for late hours because you are neither focused nor satisfied fully in your personal, social and professional life. Hence, to bring a focused, meaningful, fulfilled and a healthy life, kill the monotony and bring a zest for life.

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AK Mishra
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