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July 16: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

Life is about discovering ourselves and lives and leaving an everlasting impact on the world for the future to learn from and look upon. The 5 elegant and prominent history personalities gifted us all with empowering lessons. Read on!

1. “Growth is not only when you walk ahead of others, it is actually when you fly to a position which cannot be easily reached by anyone.”

Inspiration From History Along with growing, retaining it is also very important. When you start growing, everybody will encourage and celebrate for you. But, as you continue to grow, it becomes very difficult for the world to accept and see your growth. Life becomes challenging for you to proceed and alongside, your life is made more challenging by the negative minds. Life turns into a race by then. Always remember, competitors always focus on the weaknesses of the co-competitors. You have to battle only if people can gain reach a height that seems to be tallest and lived impossible to achieve; otherwise, if you are far ahead of others then no need to worry. When one succeeds, there are millions of hands which are waiting to pull you down. Reach where no one can and continue to remain as an all-time achiever.

Mary Baker Eddy was a very courageous lady who proved that anyone can grow up to any height and still continue to grow. Although she faced a lot of opposition and criticism, she concentrated only and only on how to grow to a height which guards her all throughout. The height to which she grew nurtured her forever as not all could reach her to pull her down. She was the founder of Christian Science, a new religious movement and she also founded the Church of Christ.

2. “All of us are equally powerful. It is the situations which reveal our strengths out.”

Inspiration From History We are blessed with equal talents, strengths, abilities, spirit and potential. Our abundant capabilities are exhibited when such situations arise. A wiser, better and a more efficient you would get bombarded to the real world, as and when you are exposed to the extreme conditions. Though we are given plenty of time before the commencement of the final exams, not all of us study right from day 1 and systematically work hard. We don’t measure our performance based on the time taken to study and recall the topics. We hardly sit with books. It is because we the real depth of the situation doesn’t hit us. It hits us only on the previous day of the exam. that is when we sit with all our books out, start studying right from beginning and the best part is that we finish all of the portions in just one day and one night. Because, the only thing that runs in our mind is to score high.

Ida Bell Wells- raged out by exhibiting and utilizing all her power which she was blessed with because of the situations she faced. The incidents sand instances that happened around her made a mark and the same became the reason for to found the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The African-American journalist, news paper editor, suffragist, sociologist, feminist Georgist was a true leader who led the Civil Rights Movement.

3. “Speed and action are the guiding twins who help you grow both personally and professionally.”

Inspiration From History Getting a chance to learn, experience and cherish make the secondary part of our life. Anything and everything you wish for shall be showered upon you when you grow or move towards growing; growth makes the primary and most important component of life. Growing tall as a personality is not a choice. Nature respects, positions you and values your worth according to your achievements. When do we grow? It is when we focus to the highest possible extent. And when do we focus? It is when you are quick enough to grasp what is been taught and also to apply the same. World is competitive and that’s how we are supposed to be as well. Don’t forget that despite all the preparations and a thorough plan, we do not succeed all our attempts. It is only because we’ve forgotten to invite the guiding twins- speed and action, into our lives to do our part. Here is a mesmerizing story of a farmer who appended these guiding twins and celebrated his life.

Orville Redenbacher was an American farmer and a businessman who grew up on his family's farm, selling popcorn from the back of his car. With high grasping and learning ability, he quickly managed to take actions which promoted his life. Starting by selling fertilizer, he spent his spare time working with popcorn. He soon bought corn plant and produced hybrid strains of popcorn. It all happened because of the fast decision making ability and determination to act accordingly.

4. “Challenge which you get to face is like a shadow; it never leaves you at any cost.”

Inspiration From History Problems, hurdles, difficulties, struggles, challenge shall never stop coming into your journey of life, irrespective of your venturing spirit, strengths, patience and courage to withstand the unexpected and hard situations. Challenges which creep into our life to complicate our lives, toughen our way and glooms our mind, are like pension which you get after retirement. Even if you are done with the job, the job and its monetary pays don’t leave you. When you feel everything is fine and all is happening according to how you want it to, then enters a bomb of problems which may even threaten our life. We got to fight and face the explosion of this bomb at the cost of our lives. More the light, clearer is the shadow. Beware that when you are in light or dark, your challenges always follow you like your shadow.

Irmgard Flügge-Lotz was a celebrated personality. She was a German mathematician and engineer who was best known for her work on the mathematics of aerodynamics. She was also the first female engineering professor at the Stanford University. Her life was never smooth; she had to support her family single-handedly all through her high school and college. Though she earned a doctorate in engineering, she had a tough time getting engineering jobs. Not giving up, she went to work for the Aerodynamics.

5. “When things go out of control, we meet the real face of life. Make friends with a very strong and a stubborn mindset and will power to deal with all that you are destined to.”

Inspiration From History Sometimes, everything goes out of control. Even after being positive, thinking positive and living positive, we still do not fetch appropriate results of positivity. This is exactly when life introduces the lesson of the next level which we need to learn about. Irrespective of the kind of attitude that we have and the kind of actions and reactions we raise, we get exposed to the totally unexpected life which has to be accepted in order to proceed further. Don’t forget that it is the nature’s plan that works ultimately and none of ours’ does. We may plan, stick to it, implement it but simultaneously, the universe starts its role. How you deal with all of this decides your calibre, spirit, maturity and potential. You are the only source of help which you can think of to overcome these situations which you get to face. The quality friends of yours called undistorted decisions and willpower can help you succeed over anything that seems unfavorable and unfeasible.

Anita Brookner remained strong and stable mentally and gained all the necessary willpower as she was ready to face everything that life had to offer her. The English award-winning novelist and art historian was the first woman to hold this visiting professorship at University of Cambridge. Before the life could challenge her, she herself welcomed challenges into her life; without marrying, she took care of her parents as they aged. She was promoted to Reader at the Courtauld Institute of Art and became a noted art historian.Conclusion: We are here to serve a purpose and raise our lives. The lives of these achievers would’ve rejuvenated your thoughts and cheered up to the core. Now, it is your part to realize the purpose for which you are here. Stand up and prove yourself.


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