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5 Qualities of People Who Make Every END Look Like Just Another BEND

Life's always going to put you into places that were meant to be but you never could possibly have imagined them. Sounds familiar? Matches your experiences? Read ON!
Bends of Life
Life's a reality show which is more real than any other reality show. There's always gonna be ups, downs, twists, turns, bends & curves. Most of them unfortunately would come when you are least prepared. Of course, you're already nodding in agreement am sure recalling such times from your life. Being under prepared makes it all the more harder while facing those situations. It could be career some time & relationships at another time. Family situations for once & then financial situation at another.
This is a never ending saga of situations to deal with, but still some people tend to be not having these situations at all or are dealing with them with such ease, we only wish to have done it too.

Let's get this straight nobody is spared. Those we get inspired by or look upto or feel like emulating for the ease & fun with which they pull off life have certain qualities. They cultivate these in order to live a truly successful life. While there could several of these, few are found in most successful people you would end up meeting. I find these 5 truly powerful.

They Don't Cry For Too Long

Bends of Life "Crying over spilt milk" is of no use & totally futile. As humans you can't fully avoid it given the loss you're dealing with but what you creatinly can do is not pull/drag it for too long. The sooner you get over it the sooner you realize that life has more beautiful 
things to offer & other challenges await too. Emotions often don't find control tab at the onset but you can certainly bring in some control once you are aware of the loss. "Most successful people never regret or feel bad", I think this is totally false, they don't it for too long is apt. Losses are as much the part of life as much are gains. Get up & start running again.

They Have Multiple Strengths (Develop Skills Parallely)

Successful people do not reply on one skill or one arena. It is true that they never keep all the eggs in one basket. They work hard to develop alternative skills while putting their existing strengths to use. In case one doesn't reward at times the other one always comes out. They use multiple skills in sync & united ways to cast great spells of progressive actions that others are only awed by. It isn't magic but sheer result of parallel development of skills & talents.

They Always Ask For Help

You're never going to be awesome at everything & hence you must always know how much & when to ask for help. Help js a must & having people who shall pitch in is going to be your asset to the journey of growth. If you have enough people in your circle but never ask for the right help that you need then you are simply losing your way into more stress that you could eliminate. People who deal with life with ease always make sure they seek help & often find it at the right time. ASK. [It's ok to get rejected].

They Are Prepared For The Unexpected

While nobody can stand fully prepared we all can mentally prepare ourselves for unexpected situations. The true winners know 
Bends of Life
that life offers bends that would challenge even the best & hence they always keep resources, energy & networks prepared for the worst & the unexpected. Some savings, alternative business option, possible job opportunity, a small house in another small city bought in small budgets maybe, friends who are always ready to pitch in during bad times & above all good health are only a few things that would be helpful during odd times.

They Act Fast Not Hastily

They don't hurry through the times when there are bends to avoid further damage but they act fast in order to prevent further losses. The growth isn't visible during such times but the foundation for next phase gets set & gets stronger. They do what needs to be done & do not postpone for later. They bring their best step forward & deal with what's at hand. If you are a writer, launch your book fast, if you're a speaker take up engagements often, if you're a coder launch a course, If you’re a sportsperson probably get into coaching or mentoring, if you’re professional or talent professional start/join a academy, launch podcasts etc. Basically don’t lose time waiting for a better time to arrive in the future. Start and start right right then.

I hope this gives you insights to deal with your turns that are due. I'm a big believer of the line I said in one of my talks “everytime you think you got all your answers, universe changes the question paper!". What bends in your life are you currently dealing with & what are your hacks to deal with life??

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