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What the World Needs: Enlightened Youth Leaders

Dr Trilok Kumar Jain shares his perspective on what kind of leaders the world needs and who would ideally decide the future of this generation and those that are yet to come. Here's a terrific inspiring perspective from our veteran contributor. Read ON!
A country without leaders

Is a jungle of trouble makers

A group of change-makers

Loosing to the followers

A golden civilization

Getting wiped by polluters

A heritage of wisdom

Exchanged for pea-nuts

A culture of yesteryears

Need a rescuers

A rising sun of tomorrow

Need you for its today


No job-seeker

We need the leaders

No followers

We need the creators

No to degrees

We need the executors

No citics

We need path-breakers

No to the perverts

We need torchbearers

Yes, you are the one

But you have to prove

Yes, you can be one

But come to approve

Yes, we need you

But be yourself at least

Yes, we have vacancy

But not for applicant

Yes, we have urgency

But not for suicide

Yes, we will change

But not the reverse order

We needed, you stood up

Problems, oppressions & threats

Vivekanand to Bhagat Singh

Azad to Udham Singh

You took your role – the true rose

We called - you arose

We asked - you wrote

Tagore to Tilak

Gandhi to Vinoba

You were active always

You are present now

From Sujit Lalwani to Malala

You spread your initiative

Be the face of the youth

Be the one to take us through

we need a leader, we need you

Youth Leadership Lets talk about those who can change our world – the leaders. Leadership was earlier considered as born quality. People were either leader or not. Now we believe that leadership can be learned at any age and at any level. People have shown that those who actively participate in social processes and try to change others through practice approach, become great leaders and are able to improve the society at large. Therefore, clarity of goals, use of collective power and use of social processes constitute leadership. People who belive that they can influence others – can become leaders. Who can influence? – those, who carry confidence, understanding and clarity with regard to goals and social processes. We need leaders in every sector. We need leaders in the sphere of business also. Those persons who can take initiative and change the world through their ideas, innovations, initiatives and actions are leaders. They can introduce new products in the field of business. They can introduce new services in services domain. They can alter the way the governments work in bureaucracy.

We need leaders for the next phase of transformational growth. Most leaders of today are not path-breaking leaders, therefore they should not be called a leader. They are merely followers, who fear in taking risk. We don’t need such persons in important leadership positions. We need someone who can take major policy decision and change the way we live. We need leaders, who care for environment, society, values, culture and our heritage. We need leaders who understand the present and can anticipate the future. Leaders are saviors of our society. The so called leaders of the present time do not understand the threat to the environment due to human actions. They are propagating degradation to the environment. They use a long caravan (long series of vehicles) for their visits. They are always travelling through the most polluting vehicle. They are always causing greater loss to the environment. They fail to create any role model out of their actions.

What will happen in 2100? Most of our world would be facing threat to survival due to our actions. People of that time will wonder why we voted for such leaders who didn’t have basic understanding about environment and ecology? People of that time will curse us for supporting spine-less leaders who didn’t take any bold actions for protecting environment. It is not the task of judiciary, but every time they are forced to pronounce judgement asking governments to take action against rising pollution. It is again the Supreme Court which has asked people to restrain in crackers. No leader has come forward to ask people to stop crackers and adopt environment friendly Diwali. No leader has come forward to ask people to promote walking and public transport only.

Is there any leader, who travels General class in Indian Railways (none after Mahatma Gandhi)? Is there any leader who sends his children to Government schools for education? Is there any leader prepared to work like a true servant for the future generations and actively engages in saving water, saving environment and saving food. Are the leaders of present time true leaders by any standard? So come forward, take the role of the leader. Remember, the world needs you today – not as a follower, but as a leader. Be the courageous change-maker that the world need. Be the one to lead, otherwise the world would get ruined. Be the one to initiate, otherwise the future will be lost. Yes, we have vacancies for leaders. Create your mark and take up your roles.

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
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