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Delivery Up to the Last Mile Made Easy Through Mile

Mile was conceived and designed to unify the operational workflows and consolidate customer touch points through an Omni Channel approach catering to the needs of business customers of all sizes. Read ON!
Last Mile Delivery

Can we get introduced to the Founders of Mile?

Shahwar Javed is an MBA having 10+ years of experience working with various IT companies from multinationals to startups. Always having a knack to solve problems through the power of Information Technology. A firm believer that connectivity and technology solutions must be available to the grass root level and should be affordable for businesses and people to start solving their day to day problems.

Shahwar & Fawad came up with the idea of solving the logistics industry problems, recognizing that most critical business tasks are still being handled manually in many organizations.

Fawad Ahmed, A product developer at heart turned entrepreneur, with a passion for solving Lastmile & Logistics challenges through technology.

What is the Vision behind the idea of Mile? How did it originate?

Journey of building Mile platform transpired directly from listening to customers in MENA region struggling to manage their supply chain and distribution channels.

Mile was conceived and designed to unify the operational workflows and consolidate customer touch points through an Omni Channel approach catering to the needs of business customers of all sizes. We aspire to automate every business’s supply chain and distribution channels.

What are the pain-points you are addressing in the Logistics segment?

Mile is designed to help businesses of all sizes have complete visibility of their fleet. Mile does not limit the scope to only tracking vehicles, Mile functionality goes much beyond that. Currently, many businesses have very limited visibility once the vehicle leaves the warehouse or their dispatch center. Traditional way to communicate is through phone calls, sms’s or whatsapp messages etc which limits tracking the inventory, delivery confirmations and actual customer delivery points. Delivery routes are miss managed due to lack of accurate locations causing drivers and riders to waste time and fuel; in some cases, this is the biggest cause of missed deliveries and dissatisfied customers.

Another problem area is of businesses dealing with cash transactions and payment collections on daily bases, not having proper collection management leads to pilferage and price deviations not to mention delays in reconciliations.

What have been the key challenges and bottlenecks faced in the Journey of Mile?

Usually ERP solutions or GPS tracking solutions are confused with Delivery & Logistics Management solutions. Most of our time is dedicated to educate businesses, on the differences and advantages that Mile brings to their operations and controls.

Mile is not just vehicle tracking or route optimizations, instead Mile offers real time operational and management controls just like Deliveroo, Uber and Amazon.

Mile is a technology stack for businesses to transform their Delivery & Logistics operations.

Last Mile Delivery

What are some of the key Features of Mile Suite? How does it help in expediting the process of delivery fleet management for the SMEs in the UAE?

Mile starts from Order Originations, Order Imports from external systems, Scheduling Deliveries, Digital Dispatches, Route optimizations, Customer Balances Management, Payment Collections across all customer touch point channels makes for a unified and simpler approach for the delivery staff and back officer users to enhance efficiencies across order fulfillments and deliveries.

We would you like to know some statistical achievements of Mile.

Having successfully fulfilled over 2 Million + orders, across 150k + Delivery locations Mile has been implemented at several organizations across UAE. Mile has automated many organizations with large fleets giving us the ability to scale. Mile subscription based pricing model now encourages even smaller businesses the ability to adopt this platform extending deliveries digitization further across MENA region.

Where do you envision to see the above numbers reach in the next 2-3 years?

Mile expects high growth across UAE and MENA region markets with businesses adopting Mile from many diversified verticals and industries. We aspire to automate every business’s supply chain and distribution channels.

What makes Mile- a unique Logistics & Delivery management Solution? How do you solve the friction of last mile delivery?

Mile is solving considerable challenges within the logistics and delivery management companies i.e. Inaccurate Customer Data without actual locations, missed delivery schedules, proper assets and inventory tracking, sales and payment collection processes and most of all an inefficient management of fleets.

Mile is offered as a unified complete package across native mobile Driver, Rider Apps as well as Consumer facing native mobile and web channels allowing businesses to dispatch digitally, optimize routes, enhance sales, controls inventory and tracking assets while managing returns and damaged products.

Mile gives controls back to the business where it belongs.

Last Mile Delivery

How does the Technology and IoT integration matter for the Customers?

IoT devices and Omni Channel technologies are both are very crucial for the ultimate growth of any business. The world has already moved reactive forms of business intelligence to artificial intelligence. IoT devices make it possible to use technology to the businesses advantage e.g. Cold Chain and Elastic logistics models gain a great deal of competitive advantage.

Mile is integrated with several devices currently to bring real time intelligent data to the platform.

Which are the current operational Cities of Mile? Are there any expansion plans on the cards?

While Mile serves all UAE emirates currently we are exploring other MENA markets for expansion, we hope to solidify these plans and announce these in the future.

What is your message for the other very Early-stage Startups & Entrepreneurship Enthusiasts?

Primarily we want to encourage all startups to listen to the customers. Do not work in silos, engage with your target audience. Take the time to pitching your idea to the investors, but first pitch it to your customers, gain traction, show them the MVP, improve and ship as frequently as possible. Stay frugal and stay focused, boot strap and pivot as and when required. Grow organically.

For more details on Mile, visit their Website Follow their updates on: Facebook | Linkedin | Instagram

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