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The penalty guilt pays!

Most of them are victims of their past, who carry the baggage wherever they travel. They just can't get rid of it. It's time to stop playing the victim!
"I let my friend suffer, I knew he was drowning. I felt helpless, mostly I feared for my life. He died and went along with the waves. It was me, who killed him. I don't deserve this life." says a victim who could not save his friend who was drowning. He had aquaphobia.
"He ruined my life. I loved him, he cheated on me. It's all my fault I was not able to make him happy. I deserve nobody,  I'm stuck." says another victim who thinks her love slipped away because she wasn't perfect.

Most of them are victims of their past. They carry the baggage wherever they travel. They just can't get rid of it. STOP PLAYING THE VICTIM.

It takes courage to let things go. Things that hurt you, things that wounded you, things that made you bleed, things that made you suffer, exams that you failed in, promotions that you didn't get, the love that you lost, houses that broke down, people who left you, people who betrayed you, It takes courage to let it all go. But you should have stronger faith to believe that the present is more fruitful and better than what you have gone through in the past.

If you don't learn how to forgive and let things go, you can not live, can not breathe, you can not move on. You will always feel trapped inside your own body. If the past still lives in your head, it still lives in your life. If you always think of bitter memories, bitter is what you get.

Today you have an important decision to make. Do you want to stay trapped in your own history or do you want to liberate and embrace your destiny? It is your decision to make. I always thought life is like a movie, after interval we can always expect better things. You are the director of your own life. What if you messed up a little? Make the rest better. Sometimes your history has a fierce power or strength to destroy what's in front of you now. 

Every moment of life is beautiful, be it sad ones, happy ones. This moment is beautiful, no matter you are stuck in a heated up argument, or just lying on your couch, you are jobless. Does not matter how, where, when - just let it go. Every moment is beautiful unless you have a guilt. If you don't feel guilty it is beautiful. You have a choice to make your every moment beautiful or feel guilty.

Always the problem is when you are constantly looking back at what happened, you are no longer available in the present. You are lost in your past and you are missing this very moment which is a gift, that is why it is called the present. If your eyes are constantly distracted looking at the past, how would you recognize the better things that are happening here in present? I read a beautiful line in an article "Stop wasting your weapons on what people have to say because it is not what they say matters. It is what you say about you that threatens your destiny. You will never be defeated with what they say about you but you'll be defeated by what you say about you."

You cannot enjoy the good things that the future has to offer you if you think about your past. You cannot let the rumors and stains of the past, ruin and destroy the opportunities. The era we live in is tremendous. We have control over our own time. Make it better for yourself.


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