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March 21: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

We all journey our lives to append it with success and elongate our list of accomplishments. Not everyone makes it happen but everyone has the strength and potential to become successful. How do you make it happen? The answer lies in the stories of these 5 personalities whose journeys are essentially to be learnt.

1. “Until you treat everyone equally, don’t complain about the treatment you receive from anyone.”

Education is an all-time fundamental necessity in every human’s life, irrespective of caste, status, race and gender. This priceless asset is a mirror that reflects the well-being of the present generation and future too! Can we imagine the fate of the society which lacks being educated? There would not be any scope of development, medium for growth, a chance of prosperity to ornament the world Nathaniel Woodard gave it a serious action to bring about a change in the world by pushing it towards prosperity; he used the weapon of equality and pronounced optimism to create the change.

“sound principle and sound knowledge” was the objective of Woodard, priest in the Church of England who founded 11 schools for the middle classes in England; the solid sole focus was to provide education and a chance to gain and experience knowledge to every mind. Education is something not to be commercialized. His role of action constantly radiated the essence of this statement by spread waves of positivism which helped the society to unfold the blindfold it had. Majority of the educational principles were based on registered charity, Woodard Corporation. He marked a start to his impactful deeds by starting a church school for the children of deprived parishioners. Scarcity of the ability to understand the importance of wisdom and knowledge served as the key reasons for him to promote and dedicate his life for the cause, spreading education. 

2. “Stand for what’s right. If you don’t, you will fall for what isn’t.”

Finding positivism by mining the present stereotype of the world can lead to the evolution of ways which make way for success to take its form. Abolition of the evil for attaining purity further becomes the key element to enable the world to witness and experience efficacy. Here is a suffragist, journalist and trade unionist who unfolded her professional as well as other duties into a flawless channel to derive the accomplishment of her dream planet- a planet which free from slavery, racism, child labor and other intolerances. Progressions were dreamt of and craved for, by this efficient lady who streamed all her life and way of thoughts to empower the world.    

Alice Henry, an active member of the Women's Trade Union League lecture about women's rights. Only you can understand clearly what you want and how to get it. A courageous fight for your desires would definitely crown you with something you envision and dream for. She was an eminent fighter for women's suffrage, union organization and labor rights. She also served numerous flavored jobs within the union such as field organizer and director of the education department. Henry’s writing greatly attributed ideas which brightened the senses which directly contribute to education, positive advancement and more. As an office secretary of the Women's Trade Union League, the optimistic journalist led the campaign for 'woman suffrage, union organization, vocational education, and labor legislation.

3. “Curiosity always acts as a ruling element which trends the mindset of an achiever; it the driving force that takes you towards the success.”

Appending unique ideas with implementing it, helps you accomplish you goals and glide into the galaxy of glee. Possessing a constructive graph in terms of professional excellence would constitute enumerable milestones to devise multiple achievements. Antonia Maury is one among such innovative personalities who attributed her life with the contentment of reaching her destination and fulfilling her purpose of life.

The American astronomer, who gave rise to stellar spectra, studied the stars and transformed it to be the profession for her to serve. But during the past, since the women were given tasks which were of low level, she was directed and assigned to compile and sort starts. The high degree technical expertise was a must to grab every other prestigious opportunity which headed towards her. Originality, captivation and luster come all the way rolling down to her skills to authorize women talent and perseverance. Using ultimate thinking and figuring out capabilities, she shaped techniques to handle all the essentialities required for devising spectroscopy to classify stars and galaxies. After all, encountering the greatest challenges: firstly, being a woman in itself which was a struggle with respect to society’s frame and secondly, limitations of the concerned field –astronomy, she managed elude the obstacles to erect her success path.

4. “The key to a vital life is an eagerness to learn and a willingness to change.”

A fun filled encouraging and self-motivating journey is definitely the right path to succeed. This is because it is quite natural for all of us to tend towards working more and dream of producing better results as color, surprises, adventure and other such things simulate our energy and nature of our character to succeed and handle our victories well. Don’t you really think that eagerness and thrill keeps you awaited of what happens next? It actually acts as a dose for us to reach our target well in advance to what we previously estimate. Maurice Farman survived and built a dream for Grand Prix motor racing champion, an aviator, and an aircraft manufacturer and designer. The change bringer champion tandem cyclist with his brother Henry, Maurice Farman began racing Panhard automobiles and won the 1901 Pau Grand Prix.

The winner of the "Circuit du Nord" race from Paris to Arras and back further subjected him to continuous shower of wins and appreciations. Taking a different turn in life, he chose aviation as the next method to prove himself. He added life to his power of imagination to formulate a design for airplanes. He soon expanded his knowledge, fluency and determination in the art and began to manufacture aircrafts. After pioneering the aviator’s business, he bombarded as a full-fledged individual who rediscovered growth by adopting the terms-wait, thrill, next, curiosity, surprises, adventure and many more.

5. “It is true that support and encouragement pushes us to work harder, but at the same time, it is important to maintain undistorted focus.”

Not the entire world will support you for what you do. Not everyone will encourage you and abide by your views and that’s when the true strength that you have gets revealed. Your characterization is molded and is showed to the world based on the situations which you get to face and handle. Morris Whitehouse was one among the memorable personages who was the first ever recipient of the award from MIT. This American architect’s work included the design of the Gus Solomon United States Courthouse in Portland, Oregon. Whitehouse & Church designed the Oregon State Library and erected many long lasting flavored buildings like University Club, Portland Municipal Auditorium, and many more.

He marked a start to putting his ideas into actions by starting his own architectural practice. And later on tried out all the possibilities to excel and worked in partnership at one of the longest running agricultural firm, which was renamed as Whitehouse. Serving as a president, director of the firm, he remained active in his profession until his health hindered his participation and contribution. Depending on the rewards that he gained for his talent, hard work and abilities, he continued his education from the prize money that he earned. He laid his complete focus on his aim and the decision that he took for accomplishing his goals. Attempts to not just exploring for opportunities but also in fulfilling targets would help you land on your destination.

After all the attempts to work hard, cultivate ideas, implement the learnt lessons, the most important question is, how well have your goals been reached. This rejuvenating read shall not just add ideas to your life for improvement but is sure to you to not stop at any point of life from achieving what you want to. (sources: ,,,,

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