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KC Low's Journey From Being An Introvert To A Digital Media Marketer

What does it take to do something you've never tried in life? What does it need to change and transform yourself into something you've dreamed of? How does it feel when you are actually living the life of your dreams? Here's a personality, whose life can definitely provide you with the answers!
From feeling awkward to even talk to a single person since school days for years, to becoming someone who can convince anyone to agree to his words, is a pretty long and inspiring journey that he has taken. KC Low, a social media marketer from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, currently helps many businesses build themselves on social media.
KC Low
Born in a small town where the highest level of education provided is up to secondary school, it doesn’t astonish one to know that he grew with not much exposure. After his schooling, he moved to Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, to continue with his education. He somehow managed to push himself through the crowd, managed to graduate from college and get a job back in his hometown. He worked for 5 years with the company, growing up the ladder, working in different cities, in the operations department which didn’t require much communication.

“After all those years of just having to work like a machine, one fine day, I realized I couldn’t take it anymore. I felt the need to learn something. I realized I wanted to be someone who could help grow another person’s life. But I knew I had a lot of homework to do, if I wanted to change my domain. I had no one to guide; so, I had to look out for other sources. I began to read a lot of books, and started to attend seminars, which eventually gave me ideas to start. But I knew I had to improve my skill. No books or workshops can ever help if you don’t practically learn how to do something. I was scared. I feared what if I wouldn’t be able to succeed. I kept thinking what I could do and that’s when I knew I had to get job that would make me talk. Putting yourself in a place where you don’t have an option is the best way to do what you want to do” says KC, about his beginnings.
KC Low
He managed to get a telemarketing job and slowly improved himself, since he knew he had to do it to provide for his family. He shifted to a sales job where he had to door-to-door sales to sell products. He eventually got better and was given an opportunity to work in the sales and marketing department of a company. He went on to become the head of marketing! The journey from zero knowledge in selling to becoming the head of marketing of a company, inspired him to do more. “It was obviously not easy for me to do something I’ve never done in life, but that’s what life is about. You need to be hard and strong to achieve. You need to tell yourself that it is you and only you who can achieve your dreams.” He adds, “I knew I could learn more. I began to learn more with the help of the internet. I explored how to set up businesses. I was thrilled to see how facebook can help build businesses with huge profits.”

While he slowly learned how to set up businesses, on the other side, his brother had opened a café at a location where not much people would come. The first 3 months of the business were in deep losses and there were no customers who walked in. KC felt that he could help his brother with all that he learned and that he could utilize it as an opportunity to understand his capability. “The first thing I did, was to set up a Facebook marketing system and use Facebook advertising” he says “I began to implement all my lessons, testing with good photos, creating good content and trying several ways to market and attract walk-in customers.”
KC Low
The business got so better to an extent that they reached a stage where they were in requirement of more man-power to help run the café. There were medias that approached for interviews. The business sales grew from losses, to making an average of average $50,000 - $60,000 per month.

That was when he felt “If I could help with the works on the café, I could help any other businesses” and decided to help grow businesses using Facebook marketing. The business sales of his first client which weren’t growing for two long years began to make huge profits. The sales hit more than $470,000 the next 20 months. This gave him the confidence to build his own business. In a matter of 10 months, he coached many business to build themselves on social medias and managed to hit a 6-digit income. Until then, KC managed to balance his work and social media marketing, striving day and night to make things happen. He knew he could take it full-time and that was when he quit his job to start his journey of dreams. There has never been a lookback since then.

KC believes that it’s all about one’s mindset. When you have multiple options, you tend to go for the easiest one. Giving yourself no other option than the toughest one, helps you work harder and builds the strength within you. Nobody said it was easy to succeed. No one said it is impossible either. It’s all within you!

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