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The Human Race Has Been Challenged. Time to Step UP.

Each time we have been challenged as a human race we have only gotten better and come out stronger. After all, the art of survival is in our genes. Will we all be able to battle these times together equally well and come out hopeful and inspired? 
Corona War On Human Race
The corona virus pandemic is quite an evidence that there are forces operating way beyond our control and understanding as a civilization and that we don’t have answers for everything or haven’t yet learnt them all. With the outbreak of this virus and unclear history of its possible threats to humans we’re in no other state but to take measures like lockdowns and social distancing to ensure we stay safe, alive and unharmed. Nature has always given evidences of such occurrences and there is so much about life on earth and life within that we must pay close attention to and learn from.

One thing is certain that the fear of contracting this virus and having to go through unforeseen developments has put life on literal hold, creating a thorough difficult time for world leaders, politicians, businessmen, facility organizations and just about any average human being. In such times the big question lurks on everyone’s mind of how could I make best of this time and convert this adversity into an opportunity. How can I be of contribution in helping the human race win this war against an unknown enemy. This massive purpose associated with this association has made it easier for world leaders to introduce command lines to follow and they are seeing higher than normal(way higher in fact) participation from every fellow citizen in thus introduced policies to fight this.

Corona War On Human Race The world is forgetting borders and religious barriers to come together to fight this war against this unknown enemy. Enemy after all. Can’t really call it a friend for It’s taking away lives, causing deadly illness and above all has the put the civilization on hold. Naturally hence, we’re in a situation of higher than ever need for positivity, inspiration and ideas to use this time for betterment, feel purposeful, worthy and march with hope towards a better tomorrow.

650,000 cases positive and over 30,000 people dead as we’re talking and several others who hold this deadly virus and are yet to show up symptoms. Some have lost jobs, several have lost family members, several others are quarantined and some others are fortunate to have a chance to be able to do something for the rest in whatever ways they can like yourself. The world that’s healthy is a massive mix of people, some very optimistic, some already believe this is the end of the world, some creatively using their time, some frustrated already with the lockdown time, some are able to still continue building their businesses while others have had to shut them down, some have lost their only daily wage possibility while others have lost their high paying jobs, some are experiencing salary cuts while others have had to forego their savings. With innumerable different unforeseen circumstances unfolding for all, we have not much option but to learn from each other and make a strong hybrid generation in the face of this deadly virus and come out stronger than ever before on the other side of this virus.

Corona War On Human Race This post here is an effort to initiate a dialogue here on iU’s online media to bring together ideas, opinions and solutions for people in all situations. We cannot forget that the number of situations are vast, types of people are many and their challenges are totally different. We still hope to begin this effort to bring together a collection of hacks to deal with variety of situations and many possible scenarios. While we hope to bring video content via our social channels, we currently aim to publish more and more content on our written media platform to ensure the ease of having notes for you to keep coming back to these pages as and when you might need.

Whatever profession you are in or you were (in case you lost your job during these times), whichever country you belong to, whatever family size you keep, the kind of region your home belongs, the status of supplies you have, the access to facilities around you, the support from local groups, the status of your business, or anything else at all, feel free to share your current challenges and how you’re trying to deal. If you already have hacks on how you are dealing(or have dealt) with your situation, it would be of thorough inspiration for many others following our media if they could relate to your situation(s). So, feel free to put them all in the comments below.

Corona War On Human Race We shall read up comments on a regular basis and compile more articles in due course to address more specific concerns during these times of global crisis. People need it more than ever and it indeed is time that we stand up to be there in ways we can while staying safe and healthy ourselves.
The very fact that you have read it until here, we believe you already have things you wish to share. So, don’t put it off for another time. Go ahead and drop your words in the comments below. We don’t need great formatting and if you’re not from an English speaking country and reading this article via translate tools, feel free to write your thoughts in the language you are comfortable with. We’re listening and we hope this will make a difference for a better tomorrow. Let’s stand united to bring our human race out of this mess hopeful and inspired not dejected and tired. Let’s #write2inspire.

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