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1st European Peace Summit Connecting Minds - Unleashing Potential

The summit
The summit

Connecting Minds - Unleashing Potential is the 1 st European Peace Summit host by World Peace Initiative Foundation on 4-7th of April 2016 in Hungary (Budapest) with the aim of providing a unique opportunity for youth organizations from Europe to connect with each other, to learn how to be mindful and conscious at both professional and personal levels, to discover their inner potential, talents and capabilities from a different perspective, and to progress and act together for a better and more peaceful future.
European Peace Summit
The aim

Bringing together the brightest youth activists and leaders in the European society to introduce them to the meditation and mindfulness practice in order to empower them with tools and knowledge on how to improve both professional and personal development inside their organizations, with the common goal of creating a stronger and more peaceful civil society in Europe, while strengthening the network of this youth organizations and giving them the opportunity to cooperate more with each other by providing a unique opportunity to learn together how to connect with ourselves and others in the age of digital generation.


To achieve individual development exploring ways that can boost productivity at work, discovering everybody’s inner potential, deepening each one’s knowledge on mindfulness meditation and learning how to be a true leader. And, to achieve organizational development creating new paths on how to improve organizations and leader’s work through introduction to a mindful approach at various levels, learning how to build up a healthy community of like-minded people, learning conflicts transformation within a group and discovering how to link individual and common progress. 

The program

The program of the summit will focus on both Individual and Organizational Development and will treat topics such as Health Benefits of Meditation, the Art of Conversation, Conscious Leadership and Supportive Work Environment. Topics  :

Health Benefits of Meditation · Art of Conversation · Conscious Leadership · Supportive Work Environment

Development at the individual level

# Explore ways which can boost productivity at your work #
# Connect with yourself and discover your inner potential #
# Deepen your knowledge on mindfulness meditation #
# Learn how to be a true leader #

Development at the organizational level

# Create new paths to improve organizations introducing a mindful approach #
# Build up a healthy community of like-minded people #
# Transform conflicts within a group #
# Link individual and common progress #

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