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First conference of Season 3 of i3

It's my first time in the most revolutionary platform for the youth - i3: influence inspire impact
I am very excited for every conference of i3 to learn everything possible from mentors and counsellors. I am even sure that I shall implement the lessons in terms of actions too...
 Season 3 of i3
At the initiation of the first conference of season 3 of i3 in Bangalore I never thought that I would get such a splendid experience. Amazing words by counsellors and to hear the talk of dynamic, energetic, and extraordinary person none other than "Sujit lalwani" was just awesome. When I heard the name ‘Sujit lalwani’ I went through Wikipedia and his talks in One Young World and Visit Russia conference. The way he speaks, the way he interacts with the person in the conference is mind blowing.
I am ready to create a revolution among the youth and hope for a better India.

Chetan Yallapurkar sir is such a terrific and adventurous person. We are glad and proud to have him as our counsellor. Chetan sir shared about his experience and the photos he had taken from terrific spots were mind blowing. We thoroughly were inspired about the adventures taken up by Chetan sir and his great attitude.
The words which inspired for the delegates were;

* Follow your heart with full of energy and believe in yourself
* For a certain distance there will be a road, and later, we should make our own way to reach our destination
* Consistency in every phase of life is important
* Discipline and Curiosity are very much essential
Chetan sir has extraordinary imagination. By his quote we come to know that "Sky is my playground and I like to play in that ground"

The overall conference was filled with lots of enthusiasm...

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