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Good People Still Exist

Not everyone is bad, there is a hope in this world
I am a person who frequently goes in the trains because of my occupation or out of my curiosity to visit new places. I am in Military; so, we have to move from one place to another owing to temporary duties, attachments and leave. And, sometimes I just go to various places to calm my desire of visiting new places. Moreover, I am an aspiring writer; so, for getting new ideas I travel as well. And, there is nothing in this world which educates more than a journey experience. Travelling itself gives us a great learning if we are just little sensible and aware. So, for this reason too I often roam from one place to another.

Off late, I was coming back to Bangalore from Ajmer in Ajmer-Mysore Express. Fortunately, I do not have any bitter or vexatious experiences like pick-pocketing, bag-theft, or quarrel, etc., in the train, despite my frequent travelling. But this time I had lost my big trolley bag in Pune.

From Ahmedabad a family was in front of my seat. That family was a Gujarati family and it was settled in Pune. As most Gujarati people carry lot of eatables with them so was true with that family too. They offered me some snacks. I refused, but they convinced me to take snacks somehow. They seemed to be good people. That family incorporated two gents and their wives. In night one of the men asked me to sleep on his seat as it was on side upper birth. As we all know, it is little smaller than other berths and he was a tall man, so he requested me to exchange the seats. I do not mind changing seats if other person is getting benefit by doing so provided it is comfortable for me too, so I agreed.
Train Journey
It was a Three AC tier coach. Over the night, he put curtains. My bag was at the same place. At 4 a.m. they alighted in Pune. I opened my eyes and saw the time and it was 4 a.m. So, I again went to sleep, then woke up in morning at seven. I completed my daily morning activities. All the items required for these activities were in my hand bag. I took that bag along with me in the night. Then after completion of daily morning activities, I meditated a little as it is also part of my everyday life; The moment I opened my eyes my eyes went below the seat where I had kept my bag in Ajmer. It was not there. I thought that while taking their bags that family might have misplaced my bag, so I searched it, but I did not find it. I also searched in nearby three AC coaches, but I didn't find it. I was having some important document in it. So, I was more perturbed. I told about this incident to co-passengers and they told me to contact T.T.E (Travelling Ticket Examiner) and Railway police for lodging complain for FIR (First Information Report). I immediately contacted T.T.E and railway police; they lodged the complaint for FIR and gave its original copy to me. He showed me other FIRs as well. He told me that these are just formalities. Every day such incidents happen in the train. It is difficult to trace the lost things. I was dejected and bewildered. Then I thought that my bag was gone and now I could do nothing about it. I accepted it and decided to tie my bag with chain and lock in future so that I could avoid such incidents. I was thoroughly hopeless.

Later, suddenly a call came to me. The person replied, "hello, I am Ananda Borana, I was your co-passenger up to Pune. We took your bag by mistake. You do not worry. I will send your bag to your address. Extremely sorry! In fact, I thought this bag belonged to my brother and my brother thought that this belonged to mine. Your bag was near to our bag, so mistakenly we took your bag, friend! After reaching, I identified that this is not our bag. So, we thought this bag must be yours. So, I again came to Pune railway station, but the train had left, then I took railways help. By your seat number I took your PNR status and mobile number and now I am talking to you." I thanked him. I did not rebuke a little at him. I was happy as I was getting my bag, then I sent my address to him. Further, he dispatched the item and forwarded the LR copy to me. I received my bag after three days. Now, he is my friend on WhatsApp and Facebook. He is a good human being. In the end, I would like to say:
"Good human beings still exist
That is our true nature, we cannot resist,
The more we are honest in our life
The more bravely we will face life's strife
How do we respond to any situation?
Decides our destiny
Just this understanding can transform
One's life eternally."

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Lokendra Singh
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